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Discussion in 'A+' started by MrNice, Dec 4, 2004.

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    First off I want to say a big thanks to everyone that helped me with my A+ studies, I simply would not have passed without your help. I learned that even incorrect feedback to questions I was posting was good feedback as I was able to see why that question answer was wrong, It is just as important in the closed book exams to know why certain answers are wrong as to why the required answer is correct. I definately had a few questions where I had to use this to eliminate possible answers and take an educated guess on the narrowed down remaining answers.

    In the real exams you are allowed 90mins to complete 80 questions.

    If a question has select all that apply or multiple required answers you recieve points for each correct answer and you dont lose points for incorrect answers ie: If it says select 2 answers and you get one right and one wrong you still get a half mark.

    you get a marker pen and laminate sheet to write notes on, I memorised the following table and had it written on the sheet before I clicked start (allowed)
    Com1 3F8 IRQ 4
    Com2 2F8 3 Quite easy to memorise the patterns
    Com3 3E8 4
    Com4 2E8 3
    LPT1 378 7
    LPT2 278 5
    PHDD 1F0
    SHDD 170

    I can definately advise Transcender users that the questions although similar in content are worded a bit differently and a prove a bit more tricky. I had this table written down and I got 1 Q that I could use it! another guy never and got about 6 Q's were he could have.

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    Well done Mr Nice, great news! Have a beer or two for me mate! :D :cheers :thumbleft :slidedrin

    Edit: Sorry, right post, wrong thread lol :oops: Just got up, that's my excuse, and I'm stickin to it!
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    Interesting and quite a nice tip, Mr. Nice. You can do that when you take a test that requires that you know subnetting such as the CCNA. I wrote down the values of each bit so that I could do calculations faster:

    128 64 32 16 8 4 2 1

    I know you'd think it would be easy to just remember, but when you are taking a test, anxiety can do funny things to your memory. Always write as much as you can down on your notes before starting the test as possible so you can refer to them rather than waste time trying to conjure them up when you are stressed.
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    That's great.

    I'll remember to do that myself when I take the real exam.
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    Thanks for the tips MrNice.:thumbleft
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    indeed good tips...thanks MrNice...
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    That's what these forums are for,

    I definately had the same thought as Tripwire, nerves can screw your memory so write down that table four or five times just before you go in and you can write it down without even thinking about it, then when you need it (you will) you can chuckle to yourself and read straight from the table. You save time and gain confidence.
    Also for the O/S exam you will definately get a few questions on minimum requirements and upgrade paths so memorise these, my exam focused pretty heavy on 2000 & XP. You cant possibly know it all but these appeared to be key test areas. Just mark any questions you are not sure on and go back at the end, If it asks for 2 answers and you only put 1 it will warn you if you try and end the exam, remember it's better to guess than leave blank.

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    Great news on the A+.

    Keep it going.
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