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Discussion in 'A+' started by aharris, May 4, 2005.

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    hi there im looking for some info, im new ot this and not sure if this is where to ask, but im about to do an a+ and n+ course. just wondering what job i will be able to get after that as im confused on what jobs are what also a rough idea of salary. thanks everyone for your help!!
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    Welcome to CertForums, aharris. What jobs will you be qualified for after attaining the A+ and Network+ certifications? Depends. Most employers are reluctant to hire someone on the strength of their certifications alone unless they also have some practical experience behind them. That can even be volunteer experience.

    Before I got my first "paying" contract, I worked with my class to build a LAN for a classroom, complete with installing the cabling, switch, router and testing the network. My next job was a one-day contract to install some workstations and a printer for a new office. I had posted my resume (meager though it was) at some Internet job sites and got a bite. I got my basic experience doing peacemeal contract work and temp jobs. As my experience built up, so did the frequency and duration of job assignments. Now, for the past 10 months or so, I have been employed full-time as the technical writer for a software company. I also do free-lance tech writing on the side.

    I probably got most of my job assignments based on my A+ and Network+ though I'm sure the CCNA didn't hurt any. Ultimately, my choice of jobs improved as I gained more experience and developed a track record. Of course, other people have completely different experiences but you have to start somewhere. I hope we can help you out with your questions on certifications and career.

    Please take a moment to pop up to the New Members Introduction forum and tell us a bit about yourself. We'd be interested in hearing about you. Cheers. :)
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