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a career in IT, advice needed.

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by CobraNeill, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. CobraNeill

    CobraNeill New Member

    hey guys, im sure you have heard it all when it comes down to people wanting career advice in IT, so im going to start by introducing myself.

    im Neill, my hobbies surround american muscle cars mostly and own two american cars of my own, so as you can imagine i spend a lot of my time working on, driving or buying parts for either car. i currently work as a sales advisor in one of if not THE biggest mobile phone retailers in the UK which has recently become part of best buy europe.

    i have recently had an interview with a training advisor from Advent, and thanks to the advice i have found on these forums i have decided that right now i am not going to be spending 6 grand on training for networking. the main reason being how limited the supply of IT jobs available is at the moment, especially ones that dont require prior experience.

    i guess my first question is this, just how stable IS a career in IT right now? the firm i work for has just relocated most of its IT support staff to foreign countries to lower overheads, and to be honest this isnt the first i have heard about IT related positions being relocated elsewhere.

    im looking for some honest advice here, and as i have had no prior experience with IT related jobs, i thought here was a great place to start.

    Thanks for reading,

  2. Geekzilla

    Geekzilla Nibble Poster

    Hi and welcome to CF.

    I'm new too, so I will tell you what I have learned so far. The forum recommended the Mike Meyers Comptia A+ All in One 6th Edition study guide. You can get it from Amazon for about £20. Self study that and you can take the exams. The exams are changing in Feb 2010 to a new 2009 syllabus so you can either wait a bit for the new material to come out or work quickly. If that sounds appealing.

    I have been reading the book for a little over a week now and it is a great introduction and fills in the blanks of my knowledge.

    Regarding the security of IT jobs. I guess the positive answers is that companies will always need IT. Nothing happens without it, however, this does not mean it is a licence to print money or be complacent. IT departments are often one of the first to get culled off in times of financial trouble and as you said low cost support from overseas is very popular.

    Hope this helps a little and I like the sound of your American car hobby, very cool.
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