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Discussion in 'A+' started by Steven, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. Steven

    Steven Bit Poster

    Hi there just stumbled across this website yesterday and found alot of useful information so thanks to everyone.

    I would like to get into IT and after reading up about it, searching the internet and speaking to the distance learning salesman I think the A+ is the first step for me.

    I was going to opt for distance learning so had some well known main distance learning companies (without mentioning any names) send their careers advisers to my house only to find in fact they were shoddy salesman promising the world and unrealistic salaries at extortionate fees so was put off going down this route. Also found some of the feedback from others on the web who'd signed up to these courses to be horrific.

    Also, I can appreciate paople having different entry levels of experience/ability but still found it baffling that the A+ course can be studied full time over 1 year at a college but can be studied in 1-2 weeks at accelerated courses around the UK for the fee of approx £1500 + VAT.

    My situation is this I'm 28 and currently not working in IT but have had about 8 years working in an office environment in the past so I'm PC literate and have a basic understanding of computers.

    I have about 20hrs each week to committ to study. For all of you out there who have good advice could you please throw it at me. Whats best for me considering my history, not wishing to spend a fortune and gaining relatively quick certification.

    Please give as much advice as you can about study material, length of time to pass, job prospects afterwards.

  2. fish79

    fish79 New Member

    Hi there,

    I think we are in very similar situation, I am also trying to get a job in I.T, same age as you and have worked in an office environment for 8 years.

    From the advice I got on this forums, Comptia A+ is the way to start. I suggest to forget those long distance learning, and take the self-study route, which I am studying at this moment.

    I'll recommend 2 books to study Mike Meyer's All in one Comptia A+ Certification Exam Guide 6th edition and P.C Technician Street smarts for some hands on experience. Meyer's book is an excellent book to learn the basic concepts, and covers all you need to know. You will also need an old P.C to take apart and put back together, this is the cheapest way to go, at roughly £150.

    Also take your time to learn, I thought this was going to be easy certification but there is lots of concepts and technical details to learn. Mike Meyer's book recommends 200hours study if you are new to I.T.

  3. SVista

    SVista Bit Poster

    The Mike Meyers book is a great source, i got it four weeks before my A+ exam and couldn't put it down. I passed the 220-601 last week and am booking my 602 exam ASAP. For someone completely new to any technical aspect of IT, just being able to boot them up and use them for everyday applications it will obviously take a while longer.(Pardon me if your knowledge is greater) If you knuckle down with 20 hrs a week like you say then you'll be well on your way before you know it.

    I'm new to the forums too but everybody seems more the willing to help!!!

    All the best
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  4. BosonMichael
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    BosonMichael Yottabyte Poster


    Another vote for the following:

    - Self-study
    - Meyers' A+ All-in-One Sixth Edition
    - Pyles' PC Technician Street Smarts

    You're on the right track! :)
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  5. Steven

    Steven Bit Poster

    Thanks very much for your advice I've just bought the 2 books that you all have suggested so hopefully won't be long before I'm well on my way. Thanks again!
  6. supernova

    supernova Gigabyte Poster

    I personally decided to go the distance learning path.

    I have tutors i can call/email and workshops i can attend.
    However, I am doing several other certifications on
    top of A+ right up to MCSE level.

    I also believe I get free retakes if required... I hope i don't have to use them :D

    I consider my self pretty good with computers and I have been in the IT industry (but 18 years ago).
    Yet I have been taken by surprise with the way some of these exams are structured.
    I would almost say a lot of it is training how to take the exams and understanding what is expected.

    You can still know a hell of a lot about IT and still fail these exams if not prepared.

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  7. MrNerdy

    MrNerdy Megabyte Poster

    I went down the Cisco IT Essentials 1 route & then self studying before taking A+.
    But it has changed from when i did x1 hardware & x1 software papers.
    But you cant go to wrong with the books that BosonMichael suggested.
    One other you may find useful would be the Exam Cram2 A+ Questions & Answers book.

    Oh and good luck!
    Certifications: ECDL, CiscoIT1 & A+
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  8. michael78

    michael78 Terabyte Poster

    I personally wouldn't pay to study the A+. The A+ can be done easily with selfstudy as it's an entry level cert and doesn't need any special equipment apart from a PC and a couple of good books (Mike Myers and Sybex used to be the best choice for the A+). Save your money and if you want to throw money at training then I would do so if/when you choose to do something like the MCSA/MCSE or Cisco.
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  9. del_port

    del_port Byte Poster

    "the A+ course can be studied full time over 1 year at a college but can be studied in 1-2 weeks at accelerated courses around the UK for the fee of approx £1500 + VAT"

    college and a year to learn doesn't look correct,it's roughly 4 months in total,i've just done the college course,it's a few months from start to finish the course,6 hours a week for 1/4 of the price you pay a private person.
    I was going to go the private route,but it was a rip off with little to no tuition and studying by yourself shouldn't cost £1000+ ,the exams are also double price if you go the private route,college A+ exams are 2 for £130
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