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A+ actuall questions

Discussion in 'A+' started by Tim131, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. Tim131

    Tim131 Bit Poster

    Hi guys,

    I've finished School, and did not very well in my leaving certificate, so I'm doing A+ essential and IT technician, and Network +. I was told if I pass these I can get into a Bsc course in the UK. I've been studying like a mad egg, using cert blaster and lab sim, however, I feel that the questions being asked there, are completely different to those that will be asked in the actual exam. So does anyone know where to get a list of questions that will be asked?

    Thanks guys :)
  2. greenbrucelee
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    greenbrucelee Zettabyte Poster

    using the actual questions is cheating, can get you stopped from ever taking anymore IT qualifications/certifications again, get you fined or worse.

    And it'll also get you banned from this forum if you advocate cheating.
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  3. Gingerdave

    Gingerdave Megabyte Poster


    If you are preparing as hard as you say there sould be no problem mate. there are hundreds of different questions they can ask but they all fall into these catagorys

    Select the correct answer
    Select the requiered number (normally 2 or 3)
    Select as many as applicable (I hate these ones :dry)
    Click on the right part of the screen shot.

    As for the content of the questions well it varies and there is no way without cheating we can give you actual exam questions but I am sure you will do well.
    Good Luck.
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  4. dmarsh

    dmarsh Terabyte Poster

    Maybe you are asking for an exam simulation product ? If so many are available from vendors such as MeasureUp, Transcender and Boson.

    I'm not aware of any universities that would admit you onto a BSc course on just an A+ certification.

    If you should manage to get onto a BSc course you will find :-

    1. Questions are not multiple choice.
    2. Actual exam answers are not available.

    So why not make up for your previous exam failures by studying hard to learn the material ?

    Why not try enrol on a lower level qualification like a HND or foundation degree, you might have to maybe do a foundation year or bridging course.

    Best of luck. :D
  5. Evilwheato

    Evilwheato Kilobyte Poster

    How you will know if they are completely different from the exam if you have not taken it yet ;)
    Also, as said before, asking for the questions for the exam is something you should never do.

    Just keep reading the books you have, and doing some practise exams now and again. Have a look at Professor Messor A+ Videos because they are a really good start :biggrin
  6. hughessteven32

    hughessteven32 New Member

    If you really want to study for a BSC, try a different entry approach such as NVQ level 3 in IT.:rolleyes:
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