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700 v 800 series exams - which one?

Discussion in 'A+' started by Zac777, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. Zac777

    Zac777 New Member

    Hello I have a dilemma concerning the 700 series and 800 series exams

    A few weeks ago I started studying for the 220-701 Exam using the Exam Cram (5th edition) by David Prowse. I found it to be a very useful book to help me pass the exam and highly recommend it. But I was unaware of the August 31st Deadline when the 700 series exams retire. Doing abit of research online It seems most experts advise to do the more recent updates 800 series exams and I am contemplating ditching the 701 exam and instead studying for the 801 exam...

    I have read that the it is 85% same content in both exams but I understand the 800 exam have additional subject and content I would need to study for. So my dilemma is do I carry on studying and taking the 701/702 exams with the August 31st deadline hanging over me or do I ditch it all and just study for the 801/802 exams? Meaning I would have to get new study material...

    Am I right in saying that the newer 800 exams have an advantage over the 700 exams in terms of employment opportunity's?

    would appreciate some advice
  2. shadowwebs

    shadowwebs Megabyte Poster

    just having that you are compTIA certified on your CV is good, whether its the 700 or 800 series shouldn't matter too much, although yes it's always best to have the most up to date knowledge. I would recommend that where you are at the moment, you should focus on the 800 series and leave the 700 in the past.

    If you had already passed the 701 exam, I would tell you to keep focused on the 702, but when you're not yet ready for the 701/2 exam then you need to jump over to 800.

    Hope this helps.
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  3. siGNN

    siGNN New Member

    just go for the 800 if you havent passed any of the 700 test
  4. B33 ENN

    B33 ENN Nibble Poster

    I concur with the others that you should focus on the newer exams as you've yet to sit for them. However, in terms of employability, there is no real distinction because the certificate does not indicate the series of the exam.
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