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70-648 - Too much to learn

Discussion in 'General Microsoft Certifications' started by NeedMoreSleep, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. NeedMoreSleep

    NeedMoreSleep Bit Poster

    Jeeze I thought the 70-291 exam was meant to be a tough one. I'm currently studying towards the 70-648 exam and there may be too much learn here. The 70-648 granted is an upgrade exam so it's meant to be a bit difficult but so far I've covered the following:

    2K8 operation and backups (wbadmin rather than ntbackup, neither of which I'll ever use in a production environment)
    AD LDS, RMS, RODC, FS plus changes to AD DS
    DNS/DHCP changes
    IPv6, IPSec, RRAS, IAS
    AD Certificate Services

    Plus there is more to cover. I did my MCSA a good few years back and I manage a 2008 network on a daily basis, however half the technologies I'm learning I've never used (and probably won't: AD FS etc) and others once it's configured you pretty much leave it alone. To ensure I don't slip up on the exam I'm covering all topics so that I don't slip up on the easy questions that I'd take for granted. So far I reckon I've done about 25-30 hours of study and I only feel as if I'm scratching the surface.

    Anybody else managed to tame this beast? any tips or tricks for retaining the info required for such a broad subject area.

    Your feedback would be most appreciated. :blink
    Certifications: MCSA+Messaging
    WIP: MCITP:Enterprise Admin

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