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Discussion in 'General Microsoft Certifications' started by lamo75, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. lamo75

    lamo75 New Member

    Hi, I have not studied for a while and I am thinking of attempting to study for the 70-642 exam. Would this be a good starting point, i have extensive Desktop experience and some server experience with active directory etc.

    I am tired with the desktop side and need something a bit more challenging in order to advance my career. I was thinking that studying for these exams may be a good starting point.

    I was reading on the internet that the exam is heavily based on the new TCP/IP protocol, IP V6 and this is a weak area of mine. I have ordered the MS study book, would this be enough to pass ?
    Certifications: MCP
  2. ianconscious

    ianconscious Bit Poster


    It doesn't make up a huge amount of the exam, obviously you will need to know the basics, like being able to identify which of the following is a genuine IPv6 address; identify the Link-Local address out of the following options... - that sort of thing.

    The exam is quite heavy on all forms of networking so, if networking as a whole is a weak area for you, you might be better off starting with the Server 2008 OS exam 70-640. This will give you a good grounding in things like DNS (which features heavily in the exam), Active Directory Certificate Services, Routing & Remote Access, etc. - all of which feature more heavily than IPv6. Make sure you're covered with Binary Maths as well for the VLSM questions you'll get!

    I find video training complements the MS Press books quite nicely. There are plenty of free snippets on Youtube to get you started, or I can personally recommend Train Signal's material (it's not cheap I'm afraid).

    Good luck!
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