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70-448 2008 BI Exam

Discussion in 'SQL Exams' started by JamesStill, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. JamesStill

    JamesStill Bit Poster

    Hi guys,

    I'm starting out with my first MS Training Kit / Exam and I'd really appreciate a few pointers.

    I'm studying for this exam and have the official MCP study kit, along with SQL 2008 developer (thanks Dreamspark). I have used TSQL and SSRS quite a lot in my day job but haven't ever used SSAS / SSIS.

    I've also got hte Data Warehouse Toolkit (Kimball) which I'm going to read the first few chapters of to flesh out my understanding of data warehouse dimensions proir to hitting the SSAS section.

    Now I've only studied the first chapter of the MS Training Kit so far, but it all seems pretty straightforward.

    I'm going for a lesson a night, so as not to burn out, but is it reasonable to assume I;ll be able to keep up this pace? There's only 43 lessons, so should expect to be able to sit the exam in a coup[le of months?

    From everything I've seen, MS exams seem to take 6 months hard studying to get through and I'm not arrogant enough to think I'm anything special :biggrin, could someone tell me if I'm missing something?

    Also, if anyone has any recommendations on other books I should read, I'd really apprecaite it.

    I've also signed up for the 2 free MS e-learning courses mentioned in another post - that's my weekend gone :)

    I'd really appreacite any feedback.

    Thank you
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