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    I just need this last exam to complete my MCSE before they retire it, had two attempts now and failed both times on a score of 615 (700 being the pass). I'm not looking to ace it, just pass it so I can say I completed the MCSE and feel good for it as a shed load of work went into it over the years.

    The hardest bit was time, I ran out of time on most of the case studys. I was reading them and taking notes as I went with all the important aspects of the design, then moving onto the questions. I think I might try changing this to briefly read the questions then read the case study to look for the answers.

    I have enough knowledge I think, I just need to tweak my approach. I am using TestOut, Transcender and MeasureUp practice exams, did the TestOut course and read the Exam Cram book. Reviews said the MSPress book wasn't much good for this exam so I didn't read it. Are there any other resources that folks recommend for this exam? I would say this is the hardest exam I have done by far in all the MCSE, all the others I passed first time.

    I had an exam credit with NITLC I used and SecondShot, next time I will have to pay £99 of my own money, are exam vouchers still around, where can I get one?
    Certifications: A+, Network+, MCP, MCSA:M 2003, ITIL v3 Foundation

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