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70-293 question about cluster servers and failback

Discussion in 'Network Infrastructure' started by xmojo, Feb 25, 2010.

  1. xmojo

    xmojo Nibble Poster

    A little confused about the failback process in cluster server. Okay, so a cluster node hosting an app fails, so the app's resource group fails over to another node. That's fine. Let's say the failed node is repaired and brought back online.

    This is where it gets confusing. According to Microsoft's Technet web site, if the node that originally hosted the failed-over resource group comes back online, the resource group (currently residing on another node) fails back to its original host. I think the Microsoft Press Kit material states this as well.

    But according to the server cluster Help file in Windows Server 2003, the group will fail back to the highest-priority node available, as determined by the Preferred owners list for the resource group.

    So which is the correct statement? Does the failed-over resource group fail back to its original host, or does it fail back to the Preferred owner depending upon the priority of the nodes listed in Preferred owners list?
  2. JK2447
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    Hi xmojo,

    I can see why you are confused, its because it can do both of the scenario's you have listed because . . . . by default, groups are set to not failback. You have to configure your group to failback after failover, or it will carry on happy as larry on the new node even when the failed node is fixed.

    What you'd do is configure the group to automatically failback to the preferred node when it becomes available again. Is that any clearer?

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  3. xmojo

    xmojo Nibble Poster

    Thanks Jim for the input. I did a bit more digging on the internet and learned that the original host of the failed-over group is, by default, the highest-priority node in the Preferred owners list, so that covers both scenarios.

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