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    Well, what a wonderful thing! We, Ryan, Michele (the misses) and I, had a nice meal and a couple of beers at my local watering hole. It was a privilege to meet Pheo, he has always been someone that I have the utmost respect for and have wanted to meet for years. It was fun and we will do it again, when he is next on this side of the planet. CF remains a part of our lives and we both have very fond memories.
    Good luck with the future Jim! Phoenix&Bluerinse.jpg
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    I think this is really great. I'm sorry I couldn't join the fun. Similarly CF has a special place for me too. I was nowhere in IT when I first started sitting exams and now I work for one of the vendors who's exams I was sitting. We've all spent hundreds of hours on here if not more and made some great friends. Love the picture lads. Glad you had a great time.
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