2 MOS exams in one day?

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  1. Juelz

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    I am going to sit two MOS exams but problem is I have to travel very far, may even need to stay overnight at a relatives house who lives in the area. Im tempted to sit 2, possibly 3 exams in one day as I dont want to have to keep making the journey up there just for this. Do you think this is advisable? Also does anyone know the price of these exams? Also I can't find any info on pass marks!
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  2. crazy horse

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    Hi Juelz,

    Can you do two in one day? It all depends on how well you know the topic areas and whether you're able to handle the pressure of two/three exams in one day. If it were me, 2 exams would probably be ok, by the time I got the third I expect my brain would be fried - but that's just me.

    Price of exams: MS exams are usually $99

    Pass Marks: Don't worry about pass marks; if you know the tested subject areas well enough and don't freeze in the exam you will come out the other side with a pass.

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