£3225 for course. Urgent Help needed!

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by mickaveli2001, Sep 24, 2008.

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    100% agree.
    Luckily, this forum covers quite a lot of IT issues, and seems to rate pretty high on google. It's quite easy to stumble across this site. Which is good, as it provides a great environment for getting started, and people go out of their way to help here.
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    I hope that you are out of the trouble now.It is better to loose £45 than pay over £3000 for course worth nearly nothing.
    I have met some salesman from skilltrain and all this is just mistification. He could not answear simply for any of my particular questions.Just like politician.And he came by Jaguar and talk how much I will earn as IT-tech.They just want u many.So I kick him out...
    Skilltrain is a train to a nightmare...
    Fight with them, you have right to cancel the contract.
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  3. mickaveli2001

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    There's just so much that they should explain. To be considered genuine, people or companys have to be astraightforward and trustworthy IMO, to even be considered as a training provider that will deal with my future, and my educational, and academic goals in life. If they perform sly tactics from the get go, and sidestep very important questions (and when I say sidestep - I mean cleverly disguise the anwers they give) they really shouldn't be allowed to do business or even spoken of respectfully if they can't give the same appreciation for us (the potential customers)

    Now I know they're running a business, but this is education we're talking about here, not a TV service, or mobile network, or cars at a garage, this is educational, just imagine them squeezing into private hospitals, and mis-diagnosing you the wrong prescription (like the wrong course) just to get your money. This site preaches the respect and to avoid bad mouthing training providers, but there needs to be more said on the brillinatly packed informative threads already about them

    I was an idiot to sign, and I take "most" of the responsibility. What made me and my team mates laugh was that one women said after explaining to her "you musta been on drugs to sign that". I said back to her "I was", because I was ill, dazed and very drousey on strong painkillers, yet this guy never really gave 2 s... about it, even when I told him I had been sent home from work, and that they wouldn't even let me drive home, he never even responded to it whatsoever... Great people person huh?! But then again it was my fault as well that I let him in, but I thought due to me arranging a "discussion" of the courses and so on, it would be rude of me to tell him to bugger off, so I thought I'd let him in, bad mistake, 2 hours, and I've paid for it, but I've learnt a valuable lesson - to never EVER go with a training provider. They're a business out to make money, If I have to pay a large some, I'd work something out with a college, who can provide the same things as Training providers, such as classes, tutor support via e-mail/mobile phone etc, but they don't have the same desire or interest in your wallet, but the actual training and tuition, and are far more legit, but even that, costing money in the 4 figures, is a lot better, and they will also be able to provide what to do afterwards in terms of further study or employment. Self Study first, and if you must, choose a college
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  4. Qs

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    That is the important thing. Everyone makes mistakes, just be thankful that you didn't get hit with the full amount and that you know better for the future.

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  5. The Zig

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    If you really think you were that impaired, it's possible you weren't even fit to sign the contract. IIRC, for a contract to be binding, there are certain conditions that must be met (e.g. the signer is not "under duress") and I think one condition is that you must be fit to sign. (Such that, if someone gets you pissed then tricks you into signing something, this ISN'T binding!)
    However, proving you weren't fit to sign would be a lot of hassle (and expense) that you probably don't need. It would probably involve lawyers and could quite possibly be unsucessful.

    So take the refund. Smile. Learn. And try to get on with things. This is just the down-side of a free economy.

    One point to take away:- Never trust salespeople. Ever.
    Their job is to make their product sound like your need, and then to make it easy to say 'yes', and hard to say 'no'. This is the same whatever the product and whatever your need. That's their job. And that's it. The TP itself probably offers a good (if over-priced) service; it may even have been good for you. But sadly, they hire salespeople, who - as a rule - are scum!
    I say this as someone who was once scum himself!
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  6. BosonMichael
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    They're salespeople. They aren't paid to look out for your best interests... they're out to sell a product or service - doesn't matter what industry they work in.

    In a perfect world, they WOULD sell a product or service while being open and honest about it - in fact, that's the way I do business. I agree with you that they SHOULD. But we don't live in a perfect world, so I can't assume a salesperson is going to tell me the truth... particularly when the salesperson has something to gain by making the sale. In truth, it'd be no different if I told you that you should buy my book or my practice exams - I have something to gain by you buying them. I *do* think they're the best... but does that mean you should believe me and buy them? Or should you do your research and compare and see for yourself before spending the money?

    On a side note... unfortunately, there ARE people who mis-diagnose in order to make a few bucks.

    Some TPs are honest. Some TPs do look after your best interests. I know of a small one here in town who, from all accounts, does just that. But there are many who don't. Just do your research, and you'll be able to make an informed decision... not a rash one.

    United States Army Intelligence has a motto: Trust, but verify. I *have* to do my research and see if what they're telling me is the truth, because ultimately, the only one who is going to look after my best interests is me.

    In any case, I am glad that you have learned from your experience. Qs is correct: this is the important part.
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  7. mickaveli2001

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    Thanks for all the advise, and swift kick up the backside as well lol. I rate this forum highley, and is basically all the help I need whilst studying for the A+ (or any other course for that matter)
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  8. Tresham College Jon

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    A guy phoned me because we'd put a leaflet in the local library offering free IT courses. I ran an ESF (european social fund) project at the time and we had money to fund hard to reach learners for basic MS stuff - you know CLAIT ECDL etc.

    Anyway he asks me if he can do A+ for free. He tells me that he's unemployed and this salesman promised him the earth on toast if he signed up for A+ at £2750. So he takes out a loan (Lord knows how - I think his mum did it - bless her) and gives the money to these people for a correspondence course that he gets no support for and then the company packs up. I thought he said it was skilltrain or somesuch - I thought they'd packed up. So he's got a loan for £3000 and no course.

    We couldn't fund the A+ under the ESF project but it didn't matter - he was on JSA so A+ would've cost him £83 including his exam - fully tutor led.

    I could've thrown a rock from my office window into his back yard so you know what - it's our fault for not getting to that guy and telling him what we could do for him.

    Still hurts though that these people get away with this sh*t and you know years and years ago I almost fell for it myself. That was before the internet though - well, not before it but before we all had if you get my drift.

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