Yahoo! sets decoy email traps for spammers

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    [​IMG]<font size="3">Yahoo! sets decoy email traps for spammers</font>

    Yahoo! has rolled out email enhancements and tools that enable users to set up hundreds of disposable decoy addresses, which if compromised by spammers and swamped by junk mail, can be deleted without affecting the primary account.

    In much the same way that good old-fashioned pop3 accounts have long allowed users to set up practically unlimited email addresses, the Yahoo! AddressGuard system lets users set up secondary email addresses that are managed from the primary mail account.

    "If at any time that address is sold or harvested by spammers, the email user can delete the address without affecting their primary email address," Yahoo! said.

    The premium email services will only be available to subscribers of the firm's Mail Plus package which sports a $29.99 per year price tag.

    Full Story: The Register
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