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World of Warcraft suffers subscriber slump

Discussion in 'News' started by GiddyG, Dec 11, 2011.

  1. GiddyG

    GiddyG Terabyte Poster Gold Member


    World of Warcraft suffers subscriber slump

    Almost a million people have stopped paying for World of Warcraft in the last three months.

    The sharp drop in subscribers was revealed by Activision Blizzard during talks with analysts about its latest financial results.

    At the end of September, WoW had about 10.3 million subscribers, down from 11.1 million at the end of June.

    Experts put the decline down to competition from new titles but said WoW was still very resilient.

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    1. GiddyG
      Old news but interesting, given the plephora of new games recently released and due out.

      Will market share continue to fall?

      Now... back to Skyrim.
    2. Phoenix
      doubt it
      wow subscribers slump and grow all the time, generally when new games come out
      that said, all the SP games in the world won't kill it, as they have a life time, at the end of which they are done with
      SWTOR has a chance of eating into it a bit but it doesnt have the wide appeal that wow does
      the only thing that will likely dethrone wow will be wow 2 :) (or world of diablo/world of starcraft)
      which may never actually happen
      more shockingly is the fact that wow is older than the Xbox 360, and just like its console counterpart, still continues to do amazingly well (Microsoft moved 1 million Xboxes in the blackfriday week alone, 1 million!! in a WEEK, of a device thats 7 years OLD!!!!!!)
      anyway, enough of my late night ramblings but i needed a break from work, i've been at it almost 14 hours on a sat :)
    3. onoski
      Interesting post as just this afternoon I stopped at gamestation in woolwich as the xbox and gears of war 3 was selling for £199 and a 320gb hard drive. It was tempting no doubt:)
    4. Theprof
      Rift is the other game that is starting to pick-up, might even give WoW some competition.
    5. GSteer
      And I'm one of those million that cut the sub again.

      Now back to World of Skyrim - my Nightingale armour needs a liberal application of beeswax.
    6. jvanassen
      I guessed they had had a slump in subscribers last week as they put a new advert on tv with chuck norris lol
    7. Theprof
      Also with the whole free Diablo 3 game with a 12 months subscription to WoW definitely speaks they're really trying to get the people that left back....
    8. Boffy
      I think Cata didn't go well overall for WoW, the content was very slow once you experienced the new world look and feel.

      The upcoming Panda expansion also didn't get the reception I think they were expecting, and with all the upcoming MMOs (GW2 and SWTOR) I think they will lose some customers.

      But hey, I'm sure with more than 5 million players paying £7.99 a month, they will be fine for a long time. 8)
    9. derkit
      I haven't checked the forum for the last few days and so didn't see this thread - but exactly the same thing did cross my mind when I saw Chuck doing his thing on TV
    10. tomshawk
      Their waiting to see what happens when Diablo III is released. LOL

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