World of Warcraft Blamed in Youth's Death

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    World of Warcraft Blamed in Youth's Death

    In the latest saga over online gaming addiction in China, the parents of a 13-year-old Tianjin boy are suing the makers of World of Warcraft, blaming the game for the death of their son, according to the Chinese news agency Xinhua. The parents filed a suit against Blizzard Entertainment on Wednesday, saying their son jumped to his death while reenacting a scene from the game, the report said. The parents are backed by the anti-Internet addiction advocate Zhang Chunliang. Mr. Chunliang has spoken to 63 parents whose children have allegedly suffered from online gaming addiction and plans to file a class-action suit, according to the report. Blizzard executives weren’t available to comment to about the lawsuit.

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    1. Bluerinse
      Where there is money there will always be some people trying to get a slice of the cake.

      Surely it is up to the parents to control their children's computer access.
    2. Phoenix
      1) have kids
      2) be a crap parent
      3) ????
      4) PROFIT!!!!!
    3. moominboy
      surely there must've been some warning signs leading up to this though?

      as in talking about it constantly or never ,ever, leaving the game alone?

      i totally blame the parents for this one, if they though there kid was just enjoying a few days solid gameplay, they deserve to be strung up for it, not the game makers.

      on the same point , did anyone see a few months back, the story of the middle -aged guy who died from online gaming for something stupid like 52 hours straight?

      i'm shocked at the way the internet cafe he was at didn't seem to care about the health implications of that, and were just bothered about the fact he was paying them.

      just my 2 pence folks.
    4. simongrahamuk
      Unfortunately we live in a world where people put money above everything else. :(

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