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Working With End Users Toward an Effective Solution

Discussion in 'News' started by tripwire45, Apr 18, 2006.

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    Working With End Users Toward an Effective Solution

    A study released recently by Forrester Research showed that only 53 percent of respondents to a survey of 2,138 technology users within U.S. companies were satisfied with their help desk experiences. Two of the primary issues behind the substantial dissatisfied minority’s frustrations were the overall time it took to resolve their requests and the ability to solve their problems the first time around. In a perfect world, every call you took from end users would involve them asking you a simple, straightforward question and you responding with a simple, straightforward answer—case closed. But it’s hardly ever that easy. It’s frequently a non-linear process that entails taking two steps forward, then two steps back, then another two steps forward, and so on. Most customers—and a good many help desk professionals, too—get really frustrated in these circumstances. Yet you’ve got to maintain a clear head and patient disposition while you try to resolve the end users’ problems as quickly as possible.

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