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Women in Technology: At Lunch with the Sisterhood

Discussion in 'News' started by tripwire45, Jul 3, 2007.

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    Women in Technology: At Lunch with the Sisterhood

    A new area of interest for me is that of women in computing. Indeed, among the stock questions I now often ask "leaders" in the industry is: "What can be done to get more women interested in technology?" With that in mind, I went to the Women in Technology luncheon at Microsoft's TechEd conference in Orlando last month. I arrived a little late and the lunch part of the event had already kicked in, so 500 women were already well into their salads or onto the entrée by the time I found a seat at a table toward the back of the room. I shyly sat down, trying my best to be incognito—to be my typically stealthy self. But there was to be none of that. I was but one of six men in the room other than some of the servers—I counted five men, but others said the number ranged between four and six. In any event, I was greatly outnumbered.

    Read Darryl K. Taft's entire experience "at lunch with the sisterhood" at eWeek.com. Dedicated to all the women in IT.
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