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Wireless Setup

Discussion in 'Wireless' started by TenSaakMak, Oct 7, 2011.

  1. TenSaakMak

    TenSaakMak New Member

    I need help setting wireless on lap top.

    I pretty much done everything I can possibly do on my own.
    It gives me the hold No wireless networks were found in range.

    When I first setup my 2WIRE651 it did listed the network and I thoguht great after days of trying is finally going to work but it never connected. I checked in re-checked to have typed the right password. I done what most poeple in other topics have said to do but it doesnt list any network.

    2WIRE651 is listed as being automatic able to get on if in range but doesn't

    This lap top was bought in Mexico.
    Its an XP Home Edition
    Intel Atom

    It had minor errors n viruses before, I was able to use an USB to install the programs needed to fix those issues. Although it says is clean I know perhaps not all viruses were destroyed since there is no internet on it to update the antivirus, but i will go with the assumption that is been fixed.

    I have AVG Internet Security Firewall Enabled... just incase it needs to be said, the XP Firewall is not on.

    If there is info I need to give plz dumb it down for I am not a computer type so do your best to make it simple so i can provide the info. ty

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