Wireless QOTD for June 3rd

Discussion in 'Wireless' started by tripwire45, Jun 3, 2004.

  1. tripwire45
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    Sarah is a student intern in her school’s computer networking program. She has been assigned to a summer internship in the IT Department of the city offices where she lives. This is her first day at work and one of the junior administrators named Pete is showing her around. They are in the server room and are discussing some of the basics of networking. Sarah is particularly interested in wireless networking. Pete has recently been certified as a wireless network administrator. In discussing the appropriate uses of WLANs versus wired LANs, Sarah comes up with the ideas listed below. Which one does Pete say would be impractical? Choose one only.

    A. Connecting two buildings that are on opposite sides of the street.
    B. Connecting two computers together in a small office so they can share a printer.
    C. Connecting a remote country home via a WISP to achieve Internet access.
    D. Connecting several rack-mounted servers together in a server closet.
    E. Connecting two computers together belonging to next-door neighbors so one neighbor can share the other’s high speed internet connection.

    Answer later
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  2. Greebo

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    Was gonna say B or D but I'm gonna go for E :roll:
  3. nugget
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    I was going for C but something about walls in the way tells me the answer is E.
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  4. punkboy101
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    I'm gonna say D.
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  5. Jakamoko
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    Go the Punkboy - I say D as well. Cant think of a worse way to connect server racks.
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  6. AJ

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    It's gotta be D who would what to connect servers like that :eek:
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  7. tripwire45
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    Hi all. The correct answer is D. No one would connect servers like that. You wouldn't get the 100 or 1000 Mbp/sec throughput typical of modern server connections and who knows what all the interference in a server room would do to RF waves...not to mention all the metal racks and such.

    I know E sounds odd but I've heard of exactly such a case where a guy with a broadband solution deliberately wanted to share it with his next door neighbor. Heck, I can detect my next door neighbor's WLAN for that matter. Beats trying to string a cable between the two houses. For a really good connection, you could mount a semi-directional antenna on the outside of each house so the signal would be shared (theoretically) just between the two of them.

    BTW, a WISP is a Wireless Internet Service Provider. It's the answer for a lot of folks in terms of a broadband solution. There are several companies in my area that provide that service.

    More tomorrow.
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