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Wireless network scanning

Discussion in 'Wireless' started by Asterix, Jun 25, 2010.

  1. Asterix

    Asterix Megabyte Poster

    Hi Guys,
    It is a requirement of our team to perform a daily wireless network sweep of the premisis and to scan and record these results on a daily basis (prob within Excel), We currently can detect wireless networks from sourounding offices and the aim is to looking for any wireless changes which may well indicate rogue devices. Im looking for a soloution that may simplify this step and record any detected signals, is anyone currently performing this task as part of their role or can suggest any software (for laptop) that would ease this (fairly boring) process?
  2. SimonD
    Honorary Member

    SimonD Terabyte Poster Moderator

    Have a look at Wireshark as that should be able to help you out.
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  3. sirkozz

    sirkozz Bit Poster

    Look for something like Airdefense, AirMagnet or something similar. Daily is just ridiculous, I feel your pain, once a week at most. The truth is that a mac ACL on your switches would prevent a rouge AP from being able to function, and if you’re using at least TKIP implemented properly then this is definitely a waste of time.

    Wireshark? Great sniffer! Just a little more horsepower then required, I mean if you’re going to go to all that trouble might as well use AirMagnet Analyzer, at least it will give the management types the pretty graphs and pictures which they can put in a PP slide to show to their higher ups, not that any of them would understand a bit of it.
    Certifications: do expired ones count???
  4. Asterix

    Asterix Megabyte Poster

    From a post on another site i frequest i have found the folowing:

    Rest of the afternoon to test :D
    There is also another requirement of this software............. It has to be freeware!
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2010
  5. Asterix

    Asterix Megabyte Poster

    Hi Guys,
    What is the best metric to use when searching for siganl strength? SNR, signal, SNR?


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