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wireless ad hoc question

Discussion in 'Wireless' started by morph, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. morph

    morph Byte Poster

    so on our corporate lan, we have some users who cant connect to the wireless, its certificate based - i've recreated the ssid, downloaded new certificates, checked the druvers but still these users wont connect. My boss took a look and said the problem is (a) they have there advanced settings set to ad-hoc mode - or (b) there's to many people set to ad-hoc mode its interfering with the coporate wireless. Now i think both of these ideas are bollox, however i'm happy to hold my hands up and say i'm wrong, does this sound correct to anyone else?
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  2. hbroomhall

    hbroomhall Petabyte Poster Gold Member

    Well - a) is easy enough to deal with. If they are set to ad-hoc mode only then change it. However, the default is usually 'any', which wouldn't, by itself stop the machine from connecting.

    b) is similar. I'd be very surprised if many people were set to 'ad-hoc' only. But if they are then change it and lock it down.

    What basic mode is the AP in? WEP, WPA or WPA2 (I believe you can use certificates will all of them)?

    If WPA2 then check the OS and patch level of the people who can't connect. If XP SP2 or less, or the hot-fix hasn't been applied then they won't be able to connect as WPA2 support appeared in SP3. Or you can apply the hot-fix.

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  3. Stoney

    Stoney Megabyte Poster

    As said above.

    I would also check the DHCP range on the Access point and make sure that you have enough DHCP leases. Could be it is set to hand out 10 DHCP leases, yet you have 12 clients trying to connect for example.

    Also look for MAC address reservations, just to see if this isn't another issue.
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