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Discussion in 'Wireless' started by AJ, Jun 8, 2004.

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    OK Trip you seem to be the wireless network expert (or so it seems). As I have said before I work in a school the covers a great deal of area (the size of a small village). The powers that be have expressed an interest that we should be supplying our pupils acces to their files and internet, esp in the boarding houses, via a wireless link. We already use VLANS to stop peer to peer games etc. How do you think we sould go ahead with this and maintain security.

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    Expert? Who? Me? Hey...I just dabble. Really. :oops: Gee, not an easy, off-the-top-of-my-head solution. Are you proposing providing WLAN coverage for an area the size of a village and maintaining security and the ability to inhibit mass, roaming gaming? If you really plan to do wireless beyond the level of a small office, you really need to start by doing (or having somebody do) a site survey. It's practically an art. A lot of times, a firm is contracted to come in and survey the area where the WLAN is supposed to go in, listen to all the requirements, develop an initial plan and then they walk around with WLAN equipment and test the coverage areas. After all that, they write up a set of recommendations based on the survey. The firm can be hired to build the WLAN or you can do it yourself with their report as a guide.

    Trying to cover an area the size of a village by just popping in some APs and wireless laptops and hoping for the best...especially if you have security concerns would be a recipe for disaster. At the very minimum, I'd do some research as to how to go about a site survey and meet with the network admin to see how this will fit into your VLAN structure.

    If you can give me more details, I might make a suggestion or two. I do have an interest in WLANs and a bit of knowledge and experience, but I'm a far cry from giving out expert and details WLAN design advice over the Internet from halfway around the world.

    Having said that, I still intend to post the next QOTD any minute now.
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