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Windows moblie

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by zxspectrum, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. zxspectrum

    zxspectrum Gigabyte Poster Premium Member

    Been looking at the windows mobile lately and may possibly get one. There are 2 both come from hong kong so im a bit dubious but they do work over here etc. Im looking at windows mobile because from what ive been told it would be like accessing my desktop and for playing music id have the media player. Also i could have office etc all installed.

    Just wondering though, are they subseptible to viruses like the desktop is and would i need an anti virus ???? or or is windows 6.1 mobile a totally different set up altogether.

    Does any one have windows mobile in this forum??? if so how have you found it, is it fast and easy to use???


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  2. dazza786

    dazza786 Megabyte Poster

    I've had windows mobile phones for the past 4/5 years and I've never needed any form of AV. I'm generally always concious about what I'm installing though... but I've not heard of many WM vulnerabilities either really.

    Word, excel, remote desktop, outlook syncinc, use as a modem (usb), audio/video, storage etcetc are what i use it for mainly... I'm sure you can do all of the above on something like an iPhone or similar, but I've been with HTC\WM for a long time and will probably stick with them for a while too (gonna get the touch hd 2 next month).
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  3. j1mgg

    j1mgg Kilobyte Poster

    I have done some support for them at work, and it depends on what phone you get.

    I have found the new treo pro to be pretty good but then again we dont get all the new fancy ones either. They seem to be pretty robust and no further software needs to be installed for security.
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