Windows 95 on a bootable cd?

Discussion in 'Software' started by nugget, Feb 22, 2005.

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    Ok, the problem I have is I want to run Windows 95 and 98 in vmware. I need to boot these from a floppy disk, but as you guessed it, I have no floppy drive. Is it possible to make another iso image of the win95 disk then copy the bootdisk files to the image file and burn a (hopefully) bootable win95 disc?
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    That's a good question. In theory it should work, but I'm not the world's leading expert on the subject so it would be easy for me to overlook something. This is going to be a problem since floppy drives are being phased out of newer PCs and laptops, yet Windows 9x was designed to boot initially from a floppy (Windows 95 originally was installed from an entire series of floppy diskettes).

    Another option would be to get an external floppy drive and attach it to the computer you want to install the Windows 9x VMs. Hopefully, someone with a more definate answer will come along to assist. Good luck.
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    I think VMWare has the option to mount a floppydisk image as the A drive like it does a CDRom, so perhaps you could find a way to rip the bootable floppy as a disk image?
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    Try this site to see if this helps. If not I have a bootable Windows 95 CD-ROM but I am not to sure of what way you need it to boot. If you want it to boot to a comand promt the one I have will do the trick P.M. me and i see what I can do to help.
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