Windows 7 config or Windows 8 Config?

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by James.M, Sep 12, 2012.

  1. James.M

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    Hi Forum

    I want your thoughts and feelings on this one. I have been working on and have basic but good knowledge on Windows 7 and was thinking of taking the Exam 70-680 after some hard studying, then I came to the thought maybe studying for Windows 8 now might be of more use and get me ahead of the game.

    What do you think? Study for the Win7 or Win8 exam, I have a copy of both to play with, but would most likely need a good couple of months to study anyway to feel confident enough to take the exam.


    One of my worries might be the training tools around, is there going to be enough to study from?
    Currently I can find everything i need on Win7.
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  2. shadowwebs

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    I am currently studying the 70-680 myself and the same question popped up in my head... I am going to remain focused on the Windows 7 (70-680) exam and then once I have this exam passed I will aim for the 70-685, as soon as I am MCITP certified (MCSA: Windows 7 as it's soon to be called), then I will use this to upgrade to Windows 8 certification at a later date.

    As many companies are still upgrading to Windows 7 from XP, I feel that having Windows 8 certification won't really put me ahead of the game until companies start rolling out to it, and I am not quite sure how many companies are going to move that fast seeing as many are still on XP.

    Just my thoughts, will leave that with you.

    By the way, which resources have you been using for the 70-680 studying if you dont mind me asking?
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  3. pinwheel

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    With Win8 due for (UK) release mid October, some arguments for studying the Win8 exam are strong. However it depends on how you feel the uptake of Win 8 will go.

    Several months back I played with the Developer Preview followed by the Consumer Preview of Win8, on a regular laptop (I had it multibooted with XP Pro & Ubuntu also but thats by the by)

    My own personal feeling on Win8 is its way to targeted for the Tablet/Touch Screen market for a huge immediate uptake among the general population, despite the significatlly lower on release Retail price for a new MS OS.

    If you're conversant enough with Win7, possibly do that exam first, as the shine may rapidly wash off Win8 installed on more regular (non touch screen/Tablet) devices and be eminently equipped to assist those seeking to downgrade or reinstall Win7 on their devices as MS scramble to keep up with the Other, more established Tablet device OS market.
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  4. RichyV

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    Personally (and the feeling I get from my colleagues) is that Win7 is the NOW OS for business, so I'd stick with that (even more so that the MCITP is to finish next year but the exams are to continue and give you an MCSA for passing them both, as shadowwebs has already mentioned).

    The upgrade to MCSA: Win8 will still be an option later (just the one upgrade exam will be needed) and there will be more study resources available for the newer certs by then (as now there is little or none).

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