Who's in charge?

Discussion in 'Just for Laughs' started by nugget, Apr 22, 2004.

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    You may have struck people like this.

    The organs of the body were having a meeting, trying to decide who was in charge.

    Each organ took a turn speaking up: Brain....I should be in charge because I run all body functions. Blood...I should be in charge because I circulate oxygen for the brain. Stomach...I should be in charge because I process food to the brain. Legs....I should be in charge because I take the brain where it wants to go. Eyes...I should be in charge because I let the brain see where it's going. A$$hole...I should be in charge because I get rid of your waste.

    All the other parts laughed and made the a$$hole very mad. To prove his point, the a$$hole immediately slammed tightly closed and stayed that way for 6 days, refusing to rid the body of any waste whatsoever.

    Day 1 - Brain got a terrible headache and cried out for relief
    Day 2 - Stomach got bloated and began to ache terribly
    Day 3 - Legs got cramps and became unstable
    Day 4 - Eyes became watery and vision became blurred
    Day 5 - Blood became toxic and poisoned the body
    Day 6 - The other organs agreed to let the a$$hole be in charge.

    The moral of the story: No matter who you are, or how important you think you are, you will find that it's always the a$$hole that's in charge.
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    True nugget true.. :lol:
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    For the love of God please slow down with the jokes already. Don't know about anyone else but my side are aching with laughing too much. :lol:
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    Too true! The boss is always the a$$hole!!
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