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who can you trust and how far can a wind up really go?

Discussion in 'The Lounge - Off Topic' started by noelg24, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. noelg24

    noelg24 Terabyte Poster

    I wont beat about the bush so here goes:

    Last week I got a random text message of a girl basically saying she got my number off another girl I know. I was rather taken aback by it and thought maybe someone was having a laugh. But the more we text the more I started to like this girl. Her name is Lucy and she is 22 and is from Newcastle and the best bit? She was into computers and very hot looking (judgin by the pics). So yeah I had finally met my ideal woman.

    We were sending texts back and forth (including dirty ones!!) and I was really starting to think something could happen here.

    However after a week of flirting by text, I got a rather strange text saying she use to be a man! :eek: :unsure And thats when I started to hear bells ringing in my ears. I thought either this person is winding me up or this is for real. When I kept getting replies that this "girl" loved me and she wanted to be honest with me, I first rang a friend of mine and told her about it. She thought it was hilarious (she is an open minded person) and kept telling me I should at least meet up with this person. In the end I decided to do that. So we arranged to meet at 8pm on friday night (14th sept).

    I got myself ready and went to the city centre. I arrived about 5min early and text "Lucy" to say I was outside the bar we arranged to meet. I got a reply back saying to order a G&T and wait for her as she will be about 10min. So I did and also got myself a glass of coke. 15min went by and no sign of "Lucy". So i sent a text to find where "she" was and I get a reply saying: "I turned back. I couldnt do it. Sorry. Goodbye."

    Well that was the final straw for me, cos not only was I stood up and i bought a drink I wasnt even having, I was in a gay bar. (seriously u dont wana be laughing at this point cos this is where it gets very bad).

    I went home and as usual I visited MySpace. "Lucy" had a profile on there and when I went to check it, the profile had changed to this. (***WARNING. PHOTOS ARE OF A SOMEWHAT GRAPHIC NATURE SO PLEASE BE AWARE YOU MIGHT BE OFFENDED BY WHAT YOU SEE***). Well I wasnt a happy bunny and promptly removed it from my friends list and sent messages to the person who did that saying why they did it. I have already got in touch with MySpace themselves but have yet to hear anything back.

    I tried ringing "Lucy" but each time I rang the person would pick up but not answer. As I said earlier "Lucy" said she got my number from another lass I know. So I rang her up at work and asked about "Lucy". She said she has never given my number to anyone called "Lucy". Well that answered that question. So I text "Lucy" back to say: I am going to call the police unless you remove that fake myspace profile and also trying to steal my identity. I got an email back saying I can go ahead and call the police but the email also contained all the text messages I sent to "Lucy" and the messages that were swapped between us on MySpace.

    I couldnt believe what I was seeing. Anyway, I eventually confronted "Lucy" on MSN and it turns out my suspicions that I had from the moment I got the text about "Lucy" being a former bloke were true. "Lucy" wasnt who she was at all. Instead it was 2 guys from work. Yes thats right 2 guys along with one other decided it would be funny to play a wind up to me by pretending to be a woman and making me believe I had a chance to make a go with her. Not only that I sent pics of myself that I wouldnt send to anyone (unless its a very close female friend but that rarely happens) and they decided to violate and invade my privacy by putting it on MySpace and pretending that I was the one who made that profile when my real profile is here.

    I rang another guy at work and he confirmed to me that it was them cos he knew about the wind up but he was disgusted they took it this far. He said had he known he would have told them to stop it ages ago.

    Luckily for the one of them his contract with the college finished on friday but I have warned him to stay away from me or else he will die. The other two are still at the college. So come monday I will be in the managers office and I hope to God the pair of them get kicked out.

    I now feel I can no longer trust anyone ever again as my privacy has now been violated to a point where I dont know what to do anymore.

    The reason I am here telling you guys this is so I dont want anyone else to go through the hell I have just been through.

    And the worst part? They were saying it was just a joke and that I shouldnt take it to heart. Well I am sorry when you put up pics like that on myspace and make people believe it was me who did it and make me think I was meeting a girl who I thought really liked me but in actual fact it was pure myth, what else am I meant to do.

    And yes I know who the 3 guys are that did it...and its the worst thing that has ever happened to me. EVER!!
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  2. tripwire45
    Honorary Member

    tripwire45 Zettabyte Poster

    That's horrible. These guys are total @zzh01ez! Unfortunately, this sort of scam is far too easy to play using current telecommunications channels. At my age (and of course, I'm married), I doubt I'd ever have the same issue, but you make a very good point. I am very sorry for the tough time you're going through.
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  3. Fluid

    Fluid Byte Poster

    im soo sorry but i just cant stop laughin! ROFL !!!!!!!!
  4. BosonMichael
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    BosonMichael Yottabyte Poster

    Wow, that's rough. :unsure Good luck on getting that resolved.

    You might want to keep your private pics private in the future. ;)

    I can't help heal the damage... but I can certainly give that post some rep for a great dramatic story (with humor)!
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  5. Mitzs
    Honorary Member

    Mitzs Ducktape Goddess

    Ok, Fluid you are an arse.

    Noelg, I am very sorry you had to go though something like that. I would take it to whoever you need to since these are work mates who did this to you. Actually I would call the police and talk to them too. I would think it would be illegal for them to post pics like that of someone without their permissions. Since they did misrepersents in the first place to receive these pics. We are here for you noelg! And kick them in the balls once for me to if you get a chance.
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  6. Theprof

    Theprof Petabyte Poster Premium Member

    Really sorry to hear that dude, thats really S***y that they did that to you. Its a incidents like these that make me be extremely careful to whom I communicate when I dont know them. I can't imagine how you feel but I just hope you get through this.
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  7. zebulebu

    zebulebu Terabyte Poster

    It's shite like this that these:
    were invented for. If ANYTHING like that EVER happened to me, there would be some broken legs in the hizzouse I can guarandamntee you that.

    If you manage to restrain yourself from doing that, you are a better man than me. Take a copy of everything before it gets taken offline is my advice, so that if there's ever any need, you can refer to the evidence. I know it sounds stupid, but try and remain calm. All the rest of the shite on the wind-up I could probably put up with, but the stuff they have written about you on the blurb on MySpace is probably the worst bit of it all. Hope you don't do anything rash mate - try and chill over it as much as you can.

    Whatever you do, do NOT try and think of an elaborate scheme to wind these pricks up yourself. It will only escalate.
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  8. noelg24

    noelg24 Terabyte Poster

    Thank you so much guys...Fluid since you decided to laugh about it, I can only think that this is something you would come up with.

    Everyone else, thank you. Zeb, I wont be doing anything to get revenge cos I am not like that. All I will do is make sure they stay out of my way and I will be speaking to my manager on Monday. In fact I will email him right now so he gets it when he reads it at work.

    And if they do decide to talk themselves out of it, well I have a witness. I shall let you all know what happens.

    Oh and boson, as much as I appreciate the rep points, thats not the reason I posted this. It was just to highlight just how far some people are willing to go without realising what damage this can do to someone.
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  9. wizard

    wizard Petabyte Poster


    Was this windup started at work?
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  10. Bambino1506

    Bambino1506 Megabyte Poster

    Wow, way below the belt !! sorry but that is not a joke its out of order, must be sad to spend their free time doing dumb sh1t like that.
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  11. noelg24

    noelg24 Terabyte Poster

    wizrad, yes it started at work and before I even realised who was behind it, I was getting threatening emails saying that if I called the police they would post the pics all over the internet and at the college I work at too. I mean there was me thinking I had genuinely done something bad to someone years ago that they would go this far. But a wind up by a couple of guys from work? seriously how low can anyone get?

    And yes you are right Bambino, they do have too much time on their hands. Instead of doing the work they are meant to be doing, they spend more time doing things like this and also skiving...whereas someone like me, I am working my bum off each and everyday.
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  12. stuPeas

    stuPeas Megabyte Poster


    Sorry, I know you don't want to get the police involved, but it seems it has gone too far for you not to. These people are blackmailing you and this is a serious offense. If you don't get the police involved you will never feel sure that the pictures wont turn up on the net. PLEASE contact the police with this information. These people are serious scum who will probably have many more victims if they are not stopped.
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    Honorary Member

    UCHEEKYMONKEY R.I.P - gone but never forgotten. Gold Member

    I'm sorry to read that mate, no one deserves that!
    That is sh$t.:x Some might think it's funny but if it happened to you, then you wouldn't be laughing!

    There's a difference between playing a joke on someone and persecuting someone. :x

    Mate I would start looking for another job, get out of there!
    Leave it for a month or two and then get your revenge on them!

    I think they cross the line, the sad thing is they don't know where to draw the line! There are only saying don't take it to heart because it hasn't happen to them. I'm sure if they were in your shoes they would be hurt.:dry

    A similar thing happen to me, I got threatening TXT messages and emails. Went on for months, until the police took me seriously and started an investigation. It turned out to be best mates Girlfriend(Elaine). She said it was just a joke to wind me up and get me back for the rumors I spread about her:(

    They were no rumors, I saw her with another bloke, but how can you tell your best mate that his perfect girlfriend is cheating on him?? It get's worst, I used to share a house with 4 other people while at University and it was here that I met her. (Elaine) She was dating one of my house mates, and things used to go missing around the house, but only when she was there.:dry

    One day, when the electric meter ran out of credit, all of us put £5 on the table with the electric key to take down town to charge up. Well the money went missing, we search the house, but couldn't find it! When Elaine walked in and asked what we were all doing. She was very defensive stating she had not nicked the money. I was surprised because we hadn't even asked if she had seen the money, we just explained what we were doing. There were some heated moments with swearing and chairs being thrown across the room. But then we found the money in Elaine's coat.

    Well things got pretty nasty after that!

    Anyway she was bad news, I waited just over a month after finding out it was her sending theses TXT messages. Then got my sweet revenge. She was trying to sell her car. So with help of some friends I tied a mackerel with a piece of string to exhaust pipe of the car. It was the down pipe from the manifold before it goes to the first exhaust box. It was right under the engine and completely unseen, unless you jacked up the car. The smell of the fish was so strong it put people off buying the car. I heard from a mate she got it professional cleaned to get rid of the smell. Which almost worked until we put another fish under the car again:biggrin 8)

    Anyway whatever you decide Noel good luck and make sure these [email protected] don't wind you up!8)
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  14. noelg24

    noelg24 Terabyte Poster

    wow, UCM...now that is sweet revenge and there is nothing worse than someone lying about stealin things from you when they know fine well they have.

    stupeas, i may get the police involved but I want to speak to my manager first about it and see what he says about it all. Besides they will only turn round and say we were only joking about putting your pics up about the college and the net, but how do I know?

    Let me speak with my manager first and see where it goes. Thank you.
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  15. JonnyMX

    JonnyMX Petabyte Poster

    Tough break, that's a real [email protected]

    There are pranks, and there are 'pranks' that are just intended to hurt or humiliate.

    These guys should still be in kindergarten - so you are better than them. What are they ever going to amount to with values and attitudes like that?

    Mind you, the story does come down to 'if it sounds too good to be true...'

    In these times it is all too easy to mask you identity. If a hot chick texts you out of nowhere, beware!

    Funnily enough, I had an email recently from a swedish girl who was going to be passing through my neck of the woods and wondered if I wanted some saucy pictures of her.

    Life sucks sometimes.
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  16. zxspectrum

    zxspectrum Gigabyte Poster Premium Member

    Right Noel, im going to be honest here with you.

    1 your a plonker for thinking something out of the blue like a girl texting you saying 'she' got your number froom a friend etc, that always starts alarm bells going in my head etc. I take it you have learned one major lesson from this, so i wont go any further

    2 If that would of happened to me id be on the same wavelength as Zeb, use mr barry the batt and pick them off one by one and then see if they are laughing at the end of it.

    3 Revenge, i think you shoud leave it for a bit and not even contemplate going to tell anyone at your work, though i suspect some other people will alreay know. Now your revenge has to be really cruel, and if you cant think of anything cruel il be happy o suggest some things. They have made a mug of you in a major way and you have to do something about it otherwise you may en up the butt of all jokes, what ever you decide to do, please keep us all informed.

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  17. stuPeas

    stuPeas Megabyte Poster

    Once you take revenge you are loosing the moral high ground (although I know it feels damn good). Besides that, you may find yourself in a full scale tit-for-tat war that could get way, way out of control and bring in family members etc.

    Either do nothing and chalk it up to experience, or go the legal route. I guarantee that the police will take the threats of "publishing The pictures if you tell the police" very very seriously, possibly even a jail term.
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  18. dmarsh

    dmarsh Terabyte Poster

    Sounds like fairly typical behaviour these days unfortunately, look at the happy slapping and tramp beatings etc.

    I'd take it as a valuable lesson learned, you were far too easily conned, people out there will take advantage if you let them.

    As a general rule I'd avoid discussing sex with any woman you haven't already had relations with, especially by email/text !

    So a few people have seen your wanger, no big deal, most countries in europe have less hang ups about such stuff.

    The prank was pretty pathetic, I wouldn't let it bother you, I'd get any remaining defamatory stuff removed from the web, and advise them that blackmail is illegal and also that HR would take a pretty dim view and they'd all be out of a job should you decide to 'lose your sense of humor'.
  19. Modey

    Modey Terabyte Poster

    Sounds to me like you have evidence in your possesion that could prove they have been misusing work resources in order to harrass you. That could be quite serious and be classed as gross negligence in some workplaces.

    It could also be classed as sexual harrasment as well. I'd get down to the CAB and possibly get some advice on this. I mean, if you feel embarrassed in your job now because of these idiots then it might be the case that you feel you could no longer work there as a direct result of their actions.

    Now you may not want to pursue anything like that, but I bet if you got something legal down on paper you could scare the shite out of them and threaten to take them to tribunal or something. Sounds like they deserve it to me.

    I agree a little with ZX that you were a little naive to fall for this in the first place. BUT (and it's a big but hence the caps :) ) that certainly doesn't make it right, or the slightest bit funny what they did to you. GL sorting it out dude.
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  20. JonnyMX

    JonnyMX Petabyte Poster

    It is true that the world has gone mad - but we do need people with perspective to keep things together.

    So a couple of t0$$ers played a prank. Best thing you can do is shake your head and walk away. Let others see how childish they are and how it doesn't affect you.

    If you take any kind of action against them, it will backfire.

    If you play a 'prank' back, sod's law says you will get caught and punished - you'll go from good guy to bad guy with the drop of a hat.

    If you complain, or take action, people will see that it has got to you, or you'll be the guy with 'no sense of humour'.

    Let those people you trust know you are upset - quietly and tactfully - and you will build an army of supporters.
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