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  1. brent

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    Woo hoo, i'm the first to post!!!! 8)

    I'm doing this qualification. Anyone else here doing or done it. Whats the best order to tackle them. I've nearly completed word as was told this would be a good starting point.

    PS. I'm a real novice. :oops:
  2. Rosy
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    Hi Brent, welcome to the site!

    Are you working towards becoming a MOS Master? 2000 or XP? If so then you should be aware that you will need to sit the following exams:

    PowerPoint Core
    Access Core
    Outlook Core
    Word Expert
    Excel Expert

    I would recommend doing the core exams first to get you into it and to give you experience doing the exams as they are a bit wierd if you've never done online exams before!


    Saying that I sat PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Access and then Outlook! For me this was the best order as I use Word and PowerPoint an awful lot. I found the Access exam fairly difficult as the MOS exam goes into a lot more than other qualifications at the same level. I found the Outlook exam to be the hardest (and failed it first time around!) as it isn't just practical - it throws in some pretty nasty theory questions. Saying that they were multiple choice so maybe it was just me!!!!! :oops:

    Good luck - let us know how you get on!!!! :P
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    Hiya. I've just bagged the Word & Excel Expert certs after 2 weeks training with the exams on the final day (1 week Word and the next week Excel)

    Starting with Word does seem like a good idea because it is very intuative and gives an excellent introduction into the shortcuts and many of the features common to all the Office suite without getting bogged down with too much technical stuff.

    If you are interested I was provided with Microsofts Step by Step Courseware and it looks to be really well laid out.
    (As I had the course the instructed demonstrated most things and we then worked through the 'Putting it together' examples at the end of the chapter rather than reading every page.) I understand the version provided for the courses is different to the version in the shops but if you are after study material it is definately worth checking out.

    Good luck
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  4. Rosy
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    I also used these books for my Word and Excel Expert and the PowerPoint Core exams and found them really helpful. I worked through the entire book as the explanations were excellent - especially as I was working through the course alone without supervision.

    However, I did find that there are some of the exam objectives missing from these books and so had to trail the Internet for different sources to find the info I needed. I used different books for Access and Outlook - will try to find out what they were again as they were split up into the exam objectives and had extra theory in if you wanted to do extra background study.
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