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WHERE to Start???

Discussion in 'General Cisco Certifications' started by YazOO, Mar 1, 2009.

  1. YazOO

    YazOO New Member

    Helllo everyone

    actully i am new here and this is my first topic , i would like to ask all the pople who took the cisco certificates for an advice ,
    I am currently studying in the university in Uk , i am doing Mobile Computing , and am still in the first year , i wanted to ask which is the best cisco certificate to begin with ? and is it too early to start with them ?

    i was thinking about CCDA , becouse we have a lack of desigeners in my country and everytime a company want to design a network they call for a team for the outside and i dnt think this gap will be filled before three years thats when finish my degree , and i loved the idea of networking , so is it a good idea to start with CCDA ?? for a designing path.....

    would anyone recommend me moving to computer science instead of Mobile Computing ?


  2. shadds

    shadds Bit Poster

    Hi There

    From what i have read on here and elsewhere i wouldnt reccommend taking the CCDA exam first and according to the cisco website CCNA level knowledge is required as well as the BCMSN CCNP module knowledge see below


    I would say go for the CCNA or even the CCENT exams first depending on your knowledge on networks.
    The Comptia Network+ also seems popular but i haven't looked into that certification but its entry level and vendor neutral, so this might be a popular starting point.
  3. ram21

    ram21 Banned

    i suggest u go for CCDA,but before that you should give CCNA exam.It's lil bit early,gather more information about networks. Go for CCNA in ur 3rd or last year, it gives you alot of time to improve your network skill & knowledge regarding network problems & products. First give CCNA exam, then after go for CCDA exam.

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