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Where to next in my studies

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by mightywha, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. mightywha

    mightywha New Member


    I appear to be stuck in my aspirations to upskill during this economic downturn. Having spent several years working for Cable & Wireless in a helpdesk type role, and being made redundant a few months back I have decided to embark on getting myself certified. In particular I am looking to attain the CCNA accreditation.

    I have already undertaken a "bootcamp" (though I use that term quite loosely...although the cost was only £395 so you get what you pay for). I did learn from this course, though I was niaive to think that I'd complete it and be near ready to take the exam. We were given a large text book to take away with us, and I have struggled to complete this in all honesty.

    Though its difficult to find time to put my head in the books, I am able to commit some time to study and have done so already - so I have an understanding of a number of topics, but I'm certainly master of none. I am particularly interested in taking up a blended style learning method.

    So what I'm after is recommendations for training providers of this method. Has anyone studied using this method, and more to the point - passed the exam? Ideally I'd like to hear from anyone who speak positively of a training provider - rather than negatively, though I guess I would like to hear about ones to avoid.

    I look forward to hearing soon.

    Thanks in advance.


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