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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by AJ, Aug 22, 2004.

  1. AJ

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    The title says it all. Where do you buy your hardware from. the idea of this is to hopefully get a list of the most popular suppliers and get them added to the resource directory so that we can all gain some benefit from others advice. Isn't that what the forums all about? :biggrin

    Please don't write pages on the suppliers, I just get too bored reading epic posts, just the link and a short note on prices, delivery (charges and time), customer service, you know the usual.

    Anyway to start it off here's 3

    www.ebuyer.co.uk - never had any problems with these, always cheap and delivery can be free sometimes but always prompt (if in stock)

    www.dabs.com - same as above

    www.simply.co.uk - used to be quite well priced but have now been taken over (can't remember who by). Can have some decent offers.

    Anyway lets have lots more :D
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  2. Phoenix
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    Used to use dabs only, they they got far to expensive

    www.overclockers.co.uk best site in my books, have used them for years now, have a wide range, at good prices, delivery is via courier or royal mail but the courier is like 2 quid more, so i go with that (flex might want to comment on thier standards as he recently ordered from here)

    much like overclockers, a bit specialist gamey type feel to it, but they also do alot of other stuff not really aimed at gamers, and are sometimes cheaper than OC.CO.UK

    For those in the US, this is probably well known to you, I only use these guys now, unless i can make a substantial saving somewhere else, often the cheapest, but i wont quibble over a few dollars when there not as there service has been second to none

    Another US supplier, great selection, reasonable prices although not the best, good RMA service (had to return something damaged in the mail)
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  3. noelg24

    noelg24 Terabyte Poster

    I use to go to Simply but never bought anything off them cos of the prices. Overclockers was the first place I went to build my second PC and I was impressed back then but since finding the two I am about write down I an happy especially the first one:

    www.ebuyer.co.uk same reason as AJ, but I have only been using them since Jan 2004 and have had no problems since.

    www.novatech.co.uk like Ebuyer they are also cheap and good with delivery altho they dont always have a huge range of things in stock.
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  4. michael78

    michael78 Terabyte Poster

    Pretty much what everyone else has mentioned in particular Ebuyer. I also use Ebay to buy certain things which you can pick up for ultra cheap in some cases. I bought my brandnew Samsung laserjet printer from Ebay for £40 when they were £80 anywhere else.
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  5. Jakamoko
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    Jakamoko On the move again ...

    www.savastore.com for me - always cheap/competitive, fairly fast delivery, good site, good choice, and they haven't let me down once.
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  6. r4merlin

    r4merlin Nibble Poster

    I have used dabs before but most of my gear has come from local computer fairs. (Look in back of MicroMart for other areas)

    Basically I go to these ones


    Prices are always good, but you need to be buying a couple of bits ideally as there is an entrance fee of £2 - £2.50 depending on the venue.
  7. Cartman

    Cartman Byte Poster

    US suppliers always useful for UK based customers I always find....

    Savastore gets my vote for most stuff, previously Watford Electronics, usually pretty reliable.

    Also use Insight as well - they have a good range of stuff.

    Recently discovered www.svp.co.uk - bought a DVD rewriter dual layer 8X for under £50 and great for blank DVD's..

    My 2p...
  8. Nelix
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    Nelix Gigabyte Poster

    I found a new supplier for work and have an account with them, I always get things cheaper than the screen price, as I spend £1000's of pounds with them for work related stuff I sometimes even get my goods for cost price + 5%, can't complain.

    www.insight.com/uk UK Site

    www.insight.com US Site
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  9. Cartman

    Cartman Byte Poster


    Thats the Insight I was on about - sounds like they like to treat you well. I had occasion to visit the store once...just off the M1. Good place I thought.
  10. Phil
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    Phil Gigabyte Poster

    Was insight called action in the past? their catalogue seems to be very similar.
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  11. Phoenix
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    action was bought by insight wasnt it?
    action used to supply to alot of education places as far as i recall
    but i think insight bought them (insight have been around for as long as i can remember)
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  12. wizard

    wizard Petabyte Poster

    I used to use ebuyer, but got fed up with the rubbish courier company they contracted to deliver orders.

    I mainly use dabs now.
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  13. flex22

    flex22 Gigabyte Poster

    In regard to overclockers.
    Well the hard drive I ordered came without screws, which I thought was a bit off.
    I think the delivery was ok, can hardly remember as it was a while ago now.

    Will probably give overclockers another go though.The hard disk works fine, so no problemos there, thought it is held in without the ideal screws atm :rolleyes:
  14. dirtyh

    dirtyh Bit Poster

    its www.scan.co.uk


    these two for me i as i live near scan probably why i use it.

    both are very good and take a look at ebuyer to make sure prices are similar before i order.
  15. Phoenix
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    Phoenix 53656e696f7220 4d6f64

    screws come with a case
    they are often not supplied with many products, especially OEM ones, even most retail kits wotn contain screws, buy a new case and it will come with a big bag of them though
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  16. AJ

    AJ 01000001 01100100 01101101 01101001 01101110 Administrator

    Thanks to everyone for contributing to this thread, if anyone has anymore H/W suppliers please post them here. Lets get some cheap h/w for all of us.
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  17. flex22

    flex22 Gigabyte Poster

    Amen to that :iagree

    When I get my new case, I'll make sure to keep all the screws.But of course so far, I've not built my own machine.The PC I've ahd just ahd the screws that were already being used, no extras.
  18. 808

    808 Nibble Poster


    fast delivery and cheap(i have a trade account so even cheaper for me) :D

    also go to bowlers computer fair in trafford park manchester
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  19. datarunner

    datarunner Byte Poster

    hi all

    I used to buy a lot from the likes of Ebuyer, Ebay, Scan, Simply and so on but I figured that these people must be getting their stuff from somewhere too. So I managed to source some places and put my own shop together where it now works out a lot cheaper for myself. If anyone needs any info on this I'd be happy to help.
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  20. hkymre

    hkymre Nibble Poster

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