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Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by Jonnie, Mar 17, 2005.

  1. Jonnie

    Jonnie New Member

    Hi Everyone,

    I am really keen to retrain in order to start a career in IT. I am computer literate, but have no formal qualifacations in this sector, however I have successfully repaired / upgraded my own pc several times. I would like to get into the techie side fixing problems on networks / pc's etc. and realise I will need to put in a lot of time and effort to get there.

    I have met with a rep from Computeach who has offered an MCSE course with the security module as well which seemed ideal. He also outlined the usual stuff abgout them finding employment when I am ready etc. This all seemed great until I started doing some research into them and found this forum!

    Are they really as bad as people are saying, or are these comments left by a dissapointed minority? The course they offered costs £5200 which is obviously a lot of dosh! I realise the rep is only trying to sell his company, and the people leaving negative postings have been disappointed, but I really need some good, unbiased advice.

    I have read a lot of postings on the forum and would like advice from any of you who have this qualification about the routes you took, the time involved and the providors etc. In fact any advice at all would be good!

    I feel quite mixed up at the moment about which direction to take next. I am currently a sales rep earning a reasonable salary and can't afford to earn less for too long due to mortgage, kids etc.

    Please feel free to offer any advice if you can.

    Many Thanks,

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  2. tripwire45
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    tripwire45 Zettabyte Poster

    That's a tough one. Keep in mind it takes years to get your MCSE and the qual alone is no guarentee of a job. Quals plus experience seems to be the key, but I won't lie to you...you will go through a "paying your dues" period. No one is going to hire you up front and start paying you a big salary just because you passed a few tests.

    If you are computer literate and you have expereince in PC mantenence and repair, you might want to start out with self-study and go for your A+ cert. It's an entry level cert but it will get your foot into a few doors. With your background, I think you could probably pull it off without paying some school an outrageous sum of money.

    Pop down to the A+ forum. There should be a "resources" thread pinned to the top with a link to Amazon and the Mike Meyers study guide for the A+. I don't like to focus on one study product, but in this case, the Meyers book is very well suited to use in studying for and passing this exam.

    Take it one step at a time. I'm also "married with children" and I know how difficult it is to re-train for a new career and live through your "salad" days again.
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  3. Boycie
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    Boycie Senior Beer Tester

    Hi Jonnie,

    Welcome to the forum.
    I am in exactly the same position as you :thumbleft I too have bills to pay but am going on the grounds of "it will be worth it in the end". I have almost got myself through the A+ (passed the core, OS hopefully soon).
    I was also thinking about paying a lot of money for something along the lines of MCSA/MSCE but after careful thinking decided against it. My opinion is that you will learn on the job and can oviously better your prospects by getting certified along the way.
    Speaking for myself I have found the A+ a great starter and also a challange because I don't work with computers as my main job.
    In all honesty I don't think (me personally) could get through something like MCSA/MCSE without a work placement.
    I hope to have A+ to my name very soon and then will move on to Network+. The good news is that these 2 count as elective exams towards MCSA/MCSE :morebeer
    I hope to find that step on the ladder soon and make my break.
    Well, enough about me if you want any advice or thoughts about someone in your shoes post a thread or mail me. :thumbleft
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  4. Jakamoko
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    Jakamoko On the move again ...

    Hi Jonnie,

    Bear in mind in most, if not all cases like this, it's always the minority that make the loudest noises about being unsatisfied, or complaining of poor services, regardless of what company it may be in whatever sector. It is simply human nature - no one finds and joins a Forum just to say they got what they paid for, were satisfied, had good service. etc. When did any of us last post in praise of our local garage for fixing our cars reliably and on time ?

    Just making a point from another perspective.:)
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  5. Jonnie

    Jonnie New Member

    Thanks for your adviced guys.
    Has anyone out there got any experience of computeach (or any other distance colleges)? Your opinions would be welcomed.

    At the moment I am trying to keep an open mind, but after reading the posts on the forum I am more inclined to go down the self study route for the earlier parts. This seems like a longer but more reliable way, plus it costs less! I think I will find this hard as I would like to be guided to some extent (plus I work), but let's see! The trouble is I just want to be getting stuck into something and feel like I am wasting time.


    I realise most negative points will be from people with an axe to grind, after all that is human nature! I am trying to get a general and fair perspective, preferably from people who have taken courses with Computeach et. al. before I make any firm decisions.

    Anyway, thanks v. much for any points,

    Your help and advice is greatly appreciated,

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  6. Tyler D

    Tyler D Gigabyte Poster

    Hello Jonnie,i am currently with computeach,working towards A+ at the moment and then onto MCSE with security+.I have been with them since August 04,and as a training provider so far so good.I for one could not go down the self study route,wouldnt have the discapline needed to go on my own,with a training provider you have set target dates and they are soon on your back with reminders if you dont meet your target.
    Its also nice to know that help is at hand with the tutors if needed,and computeach have gone along way to improve the tutor service recently by providing tutors in the student chatrooms on a daily basis.Also the in-house training provided is a very important part of the course and all feedback that i have seen from students on this has been excellent.
    So in my opinion,yes the courses are expensive,but as a training provider i have no reason to grumble.
    All the Best

    Martyn :D
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