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where do i go from here?

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by dirt, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. dirt

    dirt New Member

    hi all, this is my first post here apart from the welcome thingy so here goes.

    i just finished taking my exams for the a+ and the n+.
    i passed. which was nice.
    now i have to change my career and get a new job and grow a pair!
    i won't lie, i'm terrified, but i am also hungry and sure i'll love this stuff, much more than fitting windows in the rain anyway.
    i'm just not sure what to do next or where to start.
    i know there are lots of different areas you can go into but which one to go for? that's the question.
    i can say i love (and yes, i nerdily say love) troubleshooting.
    if i get a problem i eat it up and work it until it's sorted.
    what can i say, i enjoy the process and it bugs the hell out of me until i know the problem and solve it.
    my downfall is confidence in a working enviroment. now i'm at the point where it's "that time" i am a little nervous.
    will it turn out that i know nothing and get fired etc.
    i don't mean to sound like a baby after it's bottle but i want my bottle and i think i've earned it.

    anyway......sorry for going on. maybe i'm on the wrong forum.
    maybe trishagoddard.com or jspringer.co.uk would me more helpful.

    what are your stories?
    where did you go first.
    i could use all the help i can get, infact would anyone go to the interview for me?

    cheers :oops:

    Certifications: a+ n+
  2. Malnomates

    Malnomates Megabyte Poster

    The first thing I would address is your self confidence. You really need to take stock of what you have and what you know you're capable of and by that I mean your A+ and N+ and what you have accomplished by passing them. The first hurdle in any scenario is the initial interview and getting it right is an art in itself. Use what you have and what you know to your full advantage and present yourself confidently, rule number 1 my friend.

    Enough from me, good luck with your job hunting and keep us informed with your progress please.
    Certifications: A+ Network+
  3. Boycie
    Honorary Member

    Boycie Senior Beer Tester


    Welcome aboard.

    Changing career is going to be difficult, no matter what.

    My advice to you is carry on with your current job until you either are working for someone for free (yes,free) on a part time basis.
    This way, you gain experience in your chosen field and the business has another pair of hands for free.

    If you decide that *IT* is for you, see if they want a full time employee. If not, start applying for full time jobs.
    Brace yourself because most people won't even bother replying. The people that do, chase up. When you get to the interview stage, explain your passion and how you managed to get certified (something some people who are already in the field don't have) and how you could be a benefit to their team.

    Good luck.
    Certifications: MCSA 2003, MCDST, A+, N+, CTT+, MCT
  4. Bluerinse
    Honorary Member

    Bluerinse Exabyte Poster

    Firstly, i have to know, a pair of what? :blink

    Secondly, yes it is scary, in fact it is always scary regardless of how long you have been working in IT. Trust me, if a server goes down and you have many people that cannot work, the pressure is on, big time. And, more often than not you will be faced with a problem that you haven't seen before - that is how it is, so if IT really is your passion, brace yourself and get stuck in.

    If you search the forum, there is a thread somewhere that is entitled how did you get into IT or something like that, it's probably three or four months old.

    Good luck.

    Certifications: C&G Electronics - MCSA (W2K) MCSE (W2K)
  5. Wassup

    Wassup Byte Poster

    "grow a pair" - haha! a british euphemism for "havin' the balls" :D
  6. Bluerinse
    Honorary Member

    Bluerinse Exabyte Poster

    Ah, thank goodness for that :biggrin
    Certifications: C&G Electronics - MCSA (W2K) MCSE (W2K)
  7. Arroryn
    Honorary Member

    Arroryn we're all dooooooomed

    Don't be scaring the poor guy!! It's not all doom, gloom and uphill struggle. Okay, yes, it might be awful for some, but be positive (if he's mentioning Trisha, he might need some good pep talking!!)

    You've got your A+ and N+, and that took massive dedication. Did you study at home? Mention that. It makes you stand out from people that aren't certified, or have certified through college (not detracting from the college route, but working a full day and then coming home to study for a career speaks volumes). What do you do at the moment - and are you going for a first line role? You need to arm yourself with positives. Calmness in chaos, good telephone manner, and so on and so forth.

    There's no reason why you can't land your first interview. Just smile (but not like a murderer would smile) and... well... be positive! (and good luck!)
    Certifications: A+, N+, MCDST, 70-410, 70-411
    WIP: Modern Languages BA
  8. onoski

    onoski Terabyte Poster

    Just keep on working hard at it, we all started from some where and so would you. Cheerio and welcome to the challenging, competitive and exciting world of IT:)
    Certifications: MCSE: 2003, MCSA: 2003 Messaging, MCP, HNC BIT, ITIL Fdn V3, SDI Fdn, VCP 4 & VCP 5
    WIP: MCTS:70-236, PowerShell
  9. dirt

    dirt New Member

    well...what to say?
    thanks to all of your replies, they were great and also realistic which is what i'd hoped for.
    i'm just finishing my cv now then i'll get it out there.
    i know i have to bite the bullet and just get on with this, besides, if things weren't scary they'd be boring right?
    i also have to realize what i've achieved and how i achieved it and be proud of it too.........but without being cocky.

    thanks to wassup for clearing up the whole gonad incident,
    thanks to arroryn for never mentioning the whole Trisha thing, (again), thanks to malnomates for the boost, thanks to my parents for always being there and thanks to my pda for attending a+ and n+ exams in moment of crisis...........

    (wipes away tear, picks up award and exits stage).


    dirt :biggrin
    Certifications: a+ n+

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