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Where are you at in your study towards you current certification?

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by simongrahamuk, May 23, 2006.

  1. simongrahamuk
    Honorary Member

    simongrahamuk Hmmmmmmm?

    Just a general question, but where are your at in your studies towards you current certification and how long do you estimate that it will take you to achieve it? Once complete do you know where you next step lies?

  2. Mr.Cheeks

    Mr.Cheeks 1st ever Gold Member! Gold Member

    For myself, I am studying A+, this is done twice a week in college in the evening for 3 hours. One day it is OS and the second is Hardware... ...also out of work hours aswell..

    My course started around Feb/Mar this year, and found that i have learned certain things which i was quite suprised about and also this course has refreshed my memory aswell, which is always a good thing...

    The course is ending at the end of July, i think, so i will be booking for the exams 2 weeks after the end date (1st OS week later will be booking Hardware).

    I have found with the help of my fellow friends here at CF, Google and of course MM, i am plodding along with the course quite nicely, although deep down i know the Hardware side will be a challenge, which i have accepted...

    Hopefully i will pass my A+, and then will go on to Network+... again with the help of CF...

    Whilst I am at it, I would like to thank all of the members here at CF for all the help and support given to each other...

    Thank You. :thumbleft
  3. The_Geek

    The_Geek Megabyte Poster

    Not nearly as far along as I wish I was.

    I hope to get it done this year.

    Hopefully to get OUT of this call center.

    But I guess I'm not the only one who faces this dilema........spend all day at work behind a computer, then get home and don't want to go anywhere near a computer.......you don't answer the phone for fear it will be a friend or family member needing PC help.
    Certifications: CompTIA and Micro$oft
    WIP: PDI+
  4. wizard

    wizard Petabyte Poster

    fingers crossed starting in November.
    Certifications: SIA DS Licence
    WIP: A+ 2009
  5. simongrahamuk
    Honorary Member

    simongrahamuk Hmmmmmmm?


    I know the feeling well my friend! :biggrin
  6. AJ

    AJ 01000001 01100100 01101101 01101001 01101110 Administrator

    How far into studies - nowhere at the moment

    When will I finish - I give up

    Next step - the surprise is killing me
    Certifications: MCSE, MCSA (messaging), ITIL Foundation v3
    WIP: Breathing in and out, but not out and in, that's just wrong
  7. zimbo
    Honorary Member

    zimbo Petabyte Poster

    How far- nearly finishing my current goals

    When will i finish - MCDST by end of July, MCSA - end of September

    Future - degree so certs go bottom of the list for a couple of years or maybe till the summer. I know the uni offer CCNA, CCSP and Wireless courses so you never know! :biggrin
    Certifications: B.Sc, MCDST & MCSA
    WIP: M.Sc - Computer Forensics
  8. nugget
    Honorary Member

    nugget Junior toady

    How far - well, I've my A+ Network+ and the 290. I'm doing 270 next week and then onto 291 and 350 with maybe 271 and 272 in between.

    When will I finish - I'm looking to be finished by the end of the year

    Next step - is to take over 100% system administration here in the company and after that we'll see about any other certs.
    Certifications: A+ | Network+ | Security+ | MCP (270,271,272,290,620) | MCDST | MCTS:Vista
    WIP: MCSA, 70-622,680,685
  9. Duckie

    Duckie Nibble Poster

    I'm focusing on MCDST - 271. Making a lot of progress and almost feel ready, was thinking about booking my exam for next month. Then I'll start looking at 272, not sure how long that will take but I'm hoping not more than a few months.

    I'm currently managing to study (reading & practice questions) at work during a couple of lunchtimes a week and for 2 hours or so at home a few evenings a week, and I've been spending my Sundays doing the practical stuff. Not usually this motivated but would do anything to get closer to getting my first cert and eventually to get out of this secretarial job! Disinterest in my current job is a great motivator :lol:

    As for the future, A+ is next on my list.

    Certifications: MCDST, MOS 2003
  10. _omni_

    _omni_ Megabyte Poster

    Nearly there.
    Less than a month. For the MCSA:M
    Cert-wise: I will complete MCSE before the end of the year (only 2 more exams after my current one).
    Next year will be CCNA, MCSE:S, Sec+.
    Certifications: MCSE 2003, MCSA:M
  11. Lord Deckard

    Lord Deckard Byte Poster

    Presently - Stalled LOL! but getting back into things this weekend.
    Estimate to completion - I *will* be certified in less than 4 months.
    Next step - CCNA, possibly with some MS training thrown into the mix, time permitting.

    Lord Deckard.
    Certifications: A+, MCDST
    WIP: N+ and CCNA
  12. phoenix510

    phoenix510 Byte Poster

    Will be sitting the 272 on the 22 June. This will complete my MCDST. Then will be moving onto 270.

    Am also studying for A+ which I hope to sit some time in September.

    Also attending a network engineer course ( Various BETECS and C&G quals) in November which will be a stepping stone towards CCNA.
    Certifications: ECDL, MOS WORD & Excel, MCDST
    WIP: A+ & 70-270
  13. Weemez

    Weemez Kilobyte Poster

    A+ core on Thursday and OS a week later, HELP!!

    Already got the materials for the N+, bring it on!!!
    Certifications: HNC Computing A+ N+ ICND1
    WIP: ICND2
  14. juice142

    juice142 Megabyte Poster

    I completed my A+ a couple of weeks ago.

    Whilst I was studying for those exams I also studied the stuff for Network+.

    I've decided (now I've got my A+, and let's face it in a work environment you have to shout it out 'cos nobody takes any notice unless you do) that passing exams is secondary to actually being competent enough to do the job that I'm being underpaid to do.

    So. Yep I've studied for the Net+. Nope, I don't know the OSI model, or the different ports well enough to pass the exam. I know what they are though.

    I'm studying for the 70-270 and the 70-290 exams ('cos they're two sides of the same coin) but mostly because without the knowledge imparted within the study itself I cannot do the job without help from my support team who are 200 miles away from me (bless 'em).

    291 next.

    MCSA by this time next year, MCSE 12 months after.

    But I'll know it.

    Certifications: BSc (Hons), A+, Network+
    WIP: 70-270, MCSA
  15. zimbo
    Honorary Member

    zimbo Petabyte Poster

    MCSA by this time next year is very possible. Im on track to do it in 1 year. Also get network+ knowledge because for 291 its going to be needed alot!
    Certifications: B.Sc, MCDST & MCSA
    WIP: M.Sc - Computer Forensics
  16. juice142

    juice142 Megabyte Poster

    Yeah, Zimbo! :thumbleft

    Race you! :biggrin

    Certifications: BSc (Hons), A+, Network+
    WIP: 70-270, MCSA
  17. twizzle

    twizzle Gigabyte Poster

    Well im studying for the 70-270 but cant get past the first chapter...

    Dunno how long its gonna take me as i just started a temp job (general workshop gopher) so its on hold fer 3 weeks... (lots of late night overtime)

    No idea what im doin next or where im headed.. maybe a ccna in sept at college 2 nights a week or a CEH self study... and hopefuly that 1st IT job!!!
    Certifications: Comptia A+, N+, MS 70-271, 70-272
    WIP: Being a BILB,
  18. hbroomhall

    hbroomhall Petabyte Poster Gold Member

    Server+ - I reckon to do the exam in a week or so. Glad I did this one now - today in a *very* big meeting somebody senior mentioned Fibre Channel and looked at me - and I was able to comment correctly.

    Next up will probably be Security+.

    Certifications: ECDL A+ Network+ i-Net+
    WIP: Server+
  19. Keimos

    Keimos Byte Poster


    I Learn something new everyday as well as forget past things that I've learnt, I think people call it experience or "old git".

    As long as you understand what you learn, time is relative to each individual. If you know that you know it go for it.

    Certifications: Microsoft Office Specialist
  20. mattwest

    mattwest Megabyte Poster

    How far into studies - 2 of the 3 exams required to upgrade my MCSA 2003 to MCSE 2003

    When will I finish - Final exam for MCSE in around 6 weeks

    Next step - bit of a break, then the CCA i think.......
    Certifications: See my signature...
    WIP: Maybe re-certify my CCNA

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