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What job??

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by cockney jeff, Apr 25, 2007.

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  1. cockney jeff

    cockney jeff Bit Poster

    Passed A+ and N+. Looking on recruirment sites, looks as though these certifications do not exist. Tried searching but no joy. Everyone looking for MCSE. Did courses through Scheidegger and they cost a fortune. Feel let down. Anyone spotted jobs for A+ and/or N+ qualified people??:eek:
    Certifications: A+, Network + & MCP
  2. onoski

    onoski Terabyte Poster

    The A+ and the N+ are very recognised in the USA but unfortunately here in the UK it is only known by IT techies. In terms of the job market in IT the recruitment agencies would require the MCP here in UK.

    Please, don't be disheartened as it's only here in the UK job market that the Comptia certs are not used as a pre-requisite for an IT entry job position. Concentrate on the MCP certs and start job hunting and watch your mobile phone ringing ever so often.

    Trust me am in the UK and talking from experience too. Lastly, the comptia certs are still a very good investment for any real starter in the IT career field arena. Cheerio and keep the hope on securing a role in IT as your break would come:D
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  3. PaulC

    PaulC Nibble Poster

    I had same when I passed my A+, finally on my way I thought! Had to describe to everyone I had interview with what it was. Make sure it's listed on your CV, try describing them on your CV too.

    Now you've got them I'd advise choosing an MCP/MCSA path. Depending where you want to go, possibly to MCDST to start with. Not the hardest exams in the world and will count as elective to MCSA.
    Certifications: MCDST;MCSA: Messaging;MCSE
  4. wagnerk
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    wagnerk aka kitkatninja Moderator

    Yes I have, added to that, I've actually put down those certs in adverts when I look for entry level IT people. Do not be dismayed, it takes a while to land your first IT job (I assume that you're looking to get into IT). The majority of the job adverts that you've looked at is at either level 2 or level 3 (most likely level 3). And added to that, the majority of agency's don't know what a MCSE or a MCSA is, to them it's a well know Microsoft cert that will earn them commission when they find someone who has them.

    Look in your local job paper, in last weeks job paper (in our area) there were about 4 or 5 IT jobs (3 were entry). I hate to say it but the A+ and Network+ goes without saying when it comes to entry level positions.

    BTW, I'm going to sound like a bad guy now, if you don't have any IT experience, don't go for the MCSE (I've seen the MCSE in your WIP).

    Professional certs/qual (unlike academic) should go hand in hand with the level that your job sit's at. As a manager who sits on the interview panel, when I see someone with a MCSE applying for a entry level post (to get some IT experience) I already think that this person is only going to stay 6 months then leave for another job.

    Anyway... Don't give up on your job searching, the right job will appear soon, and good luck with your studies. :D

    Certifications: CITP, PGDip, BSc, HNC, LCGI, PTLLS, MCT, MCITP, MCTS, MCSE, MCSA:M, MCSA, MCDST, MCP, MTA, MCAS, MOS (Master), A+, N+, S+, ACA, VCA, etc... & 2nd Degree Black Belt
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  5. derkit

    derkit Gigabyte Poster

    I've just passed my A+ OS exam and when my colleagues at work asked what exam I was doing, no-one had heard of Comptia, let alone the A+ !! :ohmy

    I'm going to complete the A+ and then the MCDST in the next 6 months or so before looking at N+.

    A+ - to get a good understanding and grounding for any IT job.
    MCP and N+ - to certify that I can do the job I'm doing at the moment (2nd line desktop and network support)

    The MCP definitely as others have said, its what employers recognise in this country. Someone at work suggested the ITIL foundation qualification - if work want it, then they can pay for it, but I'm hesitant on getting too many certs especially for what is a "1-step above entry level" job.

    Good luck though! :biggrin
    Certifications: MBCS, BSc(Hons), Cert(Maths), A+, Net+, MCDST, ITIL-F v3, MCSA
    WIP: 70-293
  6. BosonMichael
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    BosonMichael Yottabyte Poster

    Quoted for Absolute Truth.

    Ken's right - you should not pursue the MCSE now (or for that matter, in my opinion, even the MCSA until you get some experience). Now that you've got the A+ and N+, you might pursue the MCDST certification. That'll also grant you the MCP certification after you take your first MS exam.

    I'm in the States, so I see MANY more job adverts requiring the A+ and N+. I even listed them as recommended for a senior network admin position - the more they can help the lower-level techs with that stuff, the better.

    Regardless whether the employer requires it or not, YOU know that you'll be more knowledgeable than those entry-level folks who DON'T have those certifications, and perhaps that will shine through on an interview.

    The last bit of advice I can give you is this: make sure that you are looking for entry-level jobs. I've seen far too many people, especially recently, want to jump right into a higher-level job simply because they have certifications. If you're applying for entry-level jobs, your certifications will only help set you above any of your competition with a similar lack of experience.

    Don't give up! Those jobs are out there. They're not always in the paper or on job search sites... sometimes, you find them by talking to other established techs (like on here). I can't begin to tell you the number of times we've had a position open and I told my friends about it to see if they knew anyone who'd be a good fit... long before we posted the position - and in some cases, we never posted the position because we filled it through that word-of-mouth method.

    Hope this helps. :)
    Certifications: CISSP, MCSE+I, MCSE: Security, MCSE: Messaging, MCDST, MCDBA, MCTS, OCP, CCNP, CCDP, CCNA Security, CCNA Voice, CNE, SCSA, Security+, Linux+, Server+, Network+, A+
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  7. shaggy

    shaggy Byte Poster

    I have seen one advert in the UK that asked specifically for the A+, never seen the N+ mentioned

    just click apply for all the jobs you like the sound of, thats what i did, although probably not the most recommended technique:rolleyes:
    Certifications: BND ICT Systems Support and Networking
    WIP: A+

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