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What grinds your gears!!!

Discussion in 'The Lounge - Off Topic' started by cisco lab rat, Jul 22, 2011.

  1. cisco lab rat

    cisco lab rat Megabyte Poster

    I must confess I am becoming a miserable old man where most things now irritate me, it started a while back and now it has become frankly too much I can hardly leave the house without cartoon steam coming out of my ears.

    Today I acquired a new "gear grinder". I now dislike people who continue to eat out of empty pots. For instance yogurt pots and the pot is empty by any and every scientific standard but yet they continue to try and scrape the last atom of non-existent yogurt out of the quite evidently empty as the depths of space pot, they just rattle their dumb little plastic spoons in a fruitless and vain attempt to extract what ever their yogurt filled, sugar-ladened Hallucinogenic minds must see, STOP, JUST STOP, it's empty like your head!!!

    I feel much better now!!!
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  2. JonnyMX

    JonnyMX Petabyte Poster

    Ooh yes.
    Despite the danger of recreating the long-running 'what annoys you' thread...

    Same goes for drinking - when it starts to sound like a bath emptying, it's all gone.
    There is nothing but air coming up the straw.
    Give it up.
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  3. ChrisH1979

    ChrisH1979 Byte Poster

    Well I'm gonna have to keep it job related and say people that 'steal a living' grind my gears. Get their foot in the door never develop themselves and rely on all your hard work so all they have to do is run a script or press next, next finish /rant off.
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  4. Apexes

    Apexes Gigabyte Poster

    People who whinge they dont know how to use our VC units, but when i offer them training they don't attend!!!!
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  5. wagnerk
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    wagnerk aka kitkatninja Moderator

    Inconsiderate road users (drivers, cyclist and pedestrians)...

    Yesterday, I saw all 3 on a 15 mins drive.

    1st one was an inconsiderate driver - there's a particular T-junction in our area that isn't very good, it always gets blocked by cars that think that a red light means "drive into junction and block traffic". My light turns green, and what happens this car decides to jump their red light and cut me up. I had to swerve out the way, had to bite my tongue as my son was in the back.

    2nd one was a pedestrian, driving along... this pedestrians steps out onto the road (traffic coming both ways), this time it was the car in front that had to slam it's brakes on. Zebra crossing 10 foot away.

    3rd one was a cyclist, this guy seemed to be training for some sort of competition (he was in "sponsored by htc" clothing). But why bother signally or even looking before cutting up cars on a busy road.

    There aren't alot of things that grind my gears, but that does...

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  6. Rover977

    Rover977 Byte Poster

    People driving with mobile phone to their ear. Its as bad as drunk driving, they are swerving on the road, going up pavements, not looking where they are going etc. WTF is the problem with a simple earpiece I mean why TF is that such a major problem for people? All mob phone manufacturers should by law have to supply earpiece with every phone and/or have a speakerphone function. I mean its simple OK??

    PS a broken car window roller in this hot weather is pretty hard to bear also.
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  7. BB88

    BB88 Kilobyte Poster Gold Member

    Pedestrians that see you coming in the car, decide to go for it anyway, start with a brisk jog, and when they think are clear (but are actually about 60% over) begin to walk at an incredibly slow pace so you have to stop anyway.
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  8. derkit

    derkit Gigabyte Poster

    Drivers who can't drive - there are indicators for a reason - and it isn't to make your car look like a Christmas tree!

    Oh and not to be used just at the last moment just to comply with the law!
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  9. danielno8

    danielno8 Gigabyte Poster

    No way. I don't agree with driving while on the phone, but this is definately not true.
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  10. soundian

    soundian Gigabyte Poster

    I don't drive myself, but I have noticed that pedestrians on mobile phones are a nightmare to walk past. They become unpredictable, slowing down, veering to one side etc for no reason. Almost as if they were drunk. The only real difference in my mind is that they revert to normal after putting the phone down, unlike if they'd had a couple of sherries.(and also, being pedestrians it's pretty hard to accidentally kill someone)
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2011
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  11. Arroryn
    Honorary Member

    Arroryn we're all dooooooomed

    Oh god this. Get it in Brum centre all the time. But one, I was quite near the junction, and the dude just wandered across the road anyway (from right to left) and had only just got to my lane when I got to the junction. No headphones on, not on the phone, just a standard ignorant goit. I'm astonished he looked at me in surprise when I parped my horn at him, flicked him the v's, and yelled out the window for him to use his f*****g eyes. It wasn't my fault either. I had PMT. Neon signs for that should be emblazoned on cars. And women's foreheads.
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  12. Rob1234

    Rob1234 Megabyte Poster

    Threads that are the same as other threads.
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  13. dales

    dales Terabyte Poster

    shop assistants that call you mate or bud etc. I'm not posh or snobbish but I do like a traditional sir or madam depending on whether its the weekend or not! ;) . I dont know you and whilst I can just about pack the items in the bag as quickly as you are flinging them down the ramp at me (breaking my bourbon biscuits and fizzing up me drinks) I dont know you and will probably never see you again so you certainly have not earned the right to call me mate or bud.
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  14. danielno8

    danielno8 Gigabyte Poster

    You are from a different generation than the one the person serving you is from i'm afraid.
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  15. dales

    dales Terabyte Poster

    Judging by whats going on at the moment of that fact I am extremely glad! (though im only early 30's so not quite an old fart yet).
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  16. Arroryn
    Honorary Member

    Arroryn we're all dooooooomed

    I disagree. Polite manners have nothing to do with age or class. And I have seen rudeness and ignorance transcend both.
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  17. danielno8

    danielno8 Gigabyte Poster

    Well i disagree that saying 'mate' or 'bud' is evidence of a lack of manners when used by a shop assistant.

    It's just fact that younger people do not say Sir or Madam these days in this country.
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  18. Johnd76

    Johnd76 Megabyte Poster

    Im with you derkit, I hate people who dont indicate!!!!! there not optional extras on a car!!! they are there for a reason!!!
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  19. Arroryn
    Honorary Member

    Arroryn we're all dooooooomed

    I do also agree with that lol. "Mate" and "bud" are in the young vernacular in a lot of areas. It's all down to interpretation. Such is the way of things. I can't wait to do a thesis one day on the evolution of language...
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  20. Modey

    Modey Terabyte Poster

    I'm with Aaroyn on this one. It's nothing to do with age if someone doesn't address a customer correctly. Any business were they think it's acceptable for an employee to call their customers 'mate' or 'bud' (unless of course they actually know them or are a regular) needs to sort their staff / CS policy out. Whilst it's more likely for someone young to speak like that, if they do that to a customer then they need training.
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