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what do i do please help!

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by wossy, Aug 26, 2010.

  1. wossy

    wossy New Member

    I'm currently studying compTIA+ but ive just found out i can not progress onto level 3 at college ( i've got a pass at BTEC first diploma in IT which apparently means i cant progress) im 17, but what i think i should do is, carry on studying comptia a+ and pass that exam hopefully before they change the rules regarding the renewal and do mcdst straight afterwards then do an open uni course whilst I also go looking for a part time job.. do you think its worth doing this? I've got a bit of experience in IT (worked 2 weeks with 2 IT Tech's). So basically self studying and work, is that ok? I have 3 GCSE's (English, 2 IT) and maths D. I don't want to Zenos or anywhere like that i'd rather do private studying.

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