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    I came across a discussion on Linked In yesterday, and it seemed to really upset a few people (No idea why).

    It was titled "Why I dont want to work from home".

    For me, I LOVE working from home. My Wife is a Midwifery Team Lead so she is in the office most days, working from home 1 day a week. I am permanently Wfh, except for a visit to the office once every few weeks to make sure its still there, about an hour commute.

    I love the fact I dont have to commute, sit in traffic, wait around on a platform while my train is delayed due to the wrong kind of leaves on the track.

    I have a Bluejeans meeting with someone from the team most days, about an hour, and have access to Slack so there is always someone to talk too. A friend of mine lives on his own and cannot wait to get back to the office (which I understand), so I suppose it all depends on your personal situation.

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    For me as I live in Jersey since late March I was working from home but went into the office once or twice a week (again to make sure it was there). We do have people who have been in the office permanently as they didn't have the capacity to work from home. To begin with I loved it as my Wife is a Teacher and she was WFH and looked after the kids as I worked away, then things changed she was told that she will need to go back into School to teach the other children as there parents were working (essential workers) on a rotation with other teachers.
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    If I were sitting in the office right now I would have air conditioning
    Although I would have taken the Central Line to get there, so I would have extra need.
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  4. Juelz

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    I'm back in the office as I am an "essential employee" so you know, ofcourse all the managers etc are at home safe and sound.

    WFH has its pros and cons tbh.. I think its a bitter sweet deal.
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    Ditto enjoy WFH. I miss seeing my customers and it's a lot easier to build those connections being onsite, but in terms of getting work done, WFH is great because I don't lose travel time. My only problem is if I should get a garden office as I have small kids at home who haven't been in school for a looooong time ha ha
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    Yeah, been doing WFH since March, its great though I do miss the banter we have around the office. Travel times arent too bad for me but there is no pressure to be in at a certain time, I find that if I need an extra hour, I can do that. Dinner times are amazing, I have whatever I want, just go to the fridge and think today ill have crackers, black pudding and then make a sausage butty, today I was going to have chicken fajitas, but the chicken was off, so had veg fajitas instead.

    Sometimes I get a bit tired and I can have a quick power nap in my dinner time instead, as its been roasting this week, i have jumped into the shower when its been to hot and also I can stick the washing out during the day.

    Regarding actual work, I can do everything from where I am, everyone seems to be doing their fair share, which is good as we have been rammed. For me, i wont be going back into work anytime soon as I have underlying health conditions, our place are starting to have people back in the office but on a 3 days in, 2 days at home basis, which works. Thankfully I have a decent boss, team and employer.

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  7. LiamDuncan

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    I started working from home in April because I lost my job. The new one is completely online and I thought that I would miss going to the office, but it was not like that. I really enjoy working from home, I love the freedom I have.
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