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Welcome to Computer Forensics

Discussion in 'Computer Security' started by zimbo, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. zimbo
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    zimbo Petabyte Poster

    Like i promise im going to start a thread on CF.. once i got everything in that i wanted to share ill put it nicely together to keep for future reference.

    From Wikipedia, The simple definition of computer forensics

    ... is the art and science of applying computer science to aid the legal process. Although plenty of science is attributable to computer forensics, most successful investigators possess a nose for investigations and a skill for solving puzzles, which is where the art comes in. - Chris L.T. Brown, Computer Evidence Collection and Preservation, 2006

    Now you saying put this in simple terms. Your suspect hard drive belongs to a paedophile - who has been arrested but looking at the disk - files are missing or blocked or another case is being called in and you find a computer on a corporate network has been hacked - your job is to secure the computer ( it could have a time bomb to erase data or contents in RAM that are valuable) and find out as much information that will hopefully lead the the culprit being caught or the paedophile being locked away.

    The first rule is no matter how much deleting you do there will always be a digital fingerprint somewhere and its a CF professional's job to find those fingerprints!

    A good "whitepaper" on what CF is this a read!

    Next up.. Getting into CF...
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  2. Tinus1959

    Tinus1959 Gigabyte Poster

    Good article. Alltho I was a bit confused reading CF as CertForums in stead of Computer Forensics:biggrin
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