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Web firms urged to join anti-piracy drive

Discussion in 'News' started by GiddyG, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. GiddyG

    GiddyG Terabyte Poster Gold Member


    Web firms urged to join anti-piracy drive

    UK Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt has delivered a hard-hitting speech, calling on net firms, advertisers and credit card companies to cut ties with websites that link to unlawful content.

    In a speech to the Royal Television Society, he said he wanted to make it harder for such sites to prosper.
    Ideally the government would like to see Google remove pirate sites from its search engine completely.

    Full Story here


    1. cisco lab rat
      cisco lab rat
      With google and other search engines removing the sites from the search results would not mean that you would cut off access to these sites, you would have to remove the entries from the DNS servers,and even then that would not be enough since you could just get to a website via it's IP address. Nice idea, tough to implement unless all ISP's block every IP address they suspect is dishing out pirated material.

      I am following this with keen interest.

      My favourite bit in the article is the part where:

      "He also spoke about the broadband landscape. He said the government's ambition to make the UK the best place for broadband in Europe by 2015 was on track. But, with countries such as Singapore introducing speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second as standard, it wasn't enough."

      1 GIGABIT !!! I still think getting 256kbit download rate is insane !!
      Last edited: Sep 15, 2011
    2. GiddyG
      Easily pleased then? 8)
    3. cisco lab rat
      cisco lab rat
      I saw "telnet Starwars" the other day, frankly almost as good as the real thing. Youngsters today are spoilt, I think ISP's should block access to all "good" websites to the young 'uns, until they have earned the right to access some of the sites, there ought to be badges they have to earn like "Hedge Grot Collector" badge of merit, or "I am buying it for me dad" sash of honour, "hang around outside the local news agent, then dash in, grab, pay and run" Medal beyond the call of duty!!

      I am old fashioned, when my boy is old enough to realise what is available on the net then that's when the firewalls and content filters go on, not that I don't want him to find those sites, but why should it be easier for them. Frankly I have no idea how our grand fathers managed, they must have been pretty good at drawing.

      In all seriousness If the government want to do something about the net they ought to try and legislate on other areas like Facebook, Twitter and other rumour mongering sites that allow many a half wit to spread their uneducated, mis-informed reckonings on the world.
      #RANT END

      (I am bored, I have had my face buried organic chemistry all morning and my brain has gone all funny)
      Last edited: Sep 15, 2011

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