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Way out!

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by loca1hero, Aug 8, 2013.

  1. loca1hero

    loca1hero Byte Poster

    Hello everybady!

    Its been long since I wrote anything, my current situation is that I've been working in IT for three years now (contracting) - did mainly 1st line support apart from a bit of 2nd line were I got to do some AD and exchange admin, file permissions, filter emails, etc kinda thing in a role which was meant to be 1st line but they were sort staffed and asked if I can help, was more then happy to but that contract finished in 3 months and since never got to do that again. Not been fortune to land any interview for 2nd line jobs. My area of interest would be network admin but know I'm far off that yet.

    - I have network+, MCDST and MCSA (70-290 & 70-291) certs - now I want to move forward but feel a bit stuck atm, want to be in more of a system / network admin type of role, have been looking at the job specs for that kinda roles.. they all want more then just MCSA.. things like sharepoint, VMware, citrix, trouble shooting routers and switches, etc. I have used both 'Vsphere and citrix but just to do very basic stuff, so I was thinking about getting familiar with these and thought it will also help me move forward. I have been interested in Cisco (read Wendell Odom's book about CCNA some 3 odd years ago before I even started in IT only had N+ cert at that time) and was thinking about cracking on with basic cisco certs Or perhaps citrix certs !:eh I'm aware its not about getting certs but have not been able to learn on the job so far as often companies have wanted 1st line to stick to 1st line as they have teams taking care of other stuff, aleast not in my case. what's your take on this?

    I need some advise from you people so any comments, suggestions, pointers are most welcome..
    Certifications: Network+ (004), MCP, see signature
    WIP: MCITP & few oths.Cisco aft sum XPri
  2. ade1982

    ade1982 Megabyte Poster

    I think if with what you have you aren't getting 2nd line interviews, you should possibly be looking at reviewing your CV. I would have expected at least a nibble.

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