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  1. jimmy

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    Hi. Is anyone there can help me with this probem please? Thanks in advance: I have w2k advance server with SP4. Please Note: It is conflicting (not Invalid value)
    Event Type: Warning
    Event Source: NtFrs
    Event Category: None
    Event ID: 13562
    Date: 18/10/2004
    Time: 4:00:34 PM
    User: N/A
    Computer: BCW2KDC1
    Following is the summary of warnings and errors encountered by File Replication Service while polling the Domain Controller bcw2kdc1.burwood.local for FRS replica set configuration information.

    The nTDSConnection object cn=c03a71fb-da49-4cfe-b1fb-e0e6a06d5564,cn=ntds settings,cn=bc-gis,cn=servers,cn=default-first-site-name,cn=sites,cn=configuration,dc=burwood,dc=local is conflicting with cn=44399e0c-e044-4106-9fa1-0a494e63b4b1,cn=ntds settings,cn=bc-gis,cn=servers,cn=default-first-site-name,cn=sites,cn=configuration,dc=burwood,dc=local. Using cn=c03a71fb-da49-4cfe-b1fb-e0e6a06d5564,cn=ntds settings,cn=bc-gis,cn=servers,cn=default-first-site-name,cn=sites,cn=configuration,dc=burwood,dc=local

    The nTDSConnection object cn=8810a9af-e000-4cdb-8d64-dc7c2bbbfc56,cn=ntds settings,cn=bcw2kdc1,cn=servers,cn=default-first-site-name,cn=sites,cn=configuration,dc=burwood,dc=local is conflicting with cn=6ea7c6c4-612b-4ebb-b6f2-7e7231aefbc1,cn=ntds settings,cn=bcw2kdc1,cn=servers,cn=default-first-site-name,cn=sites,cn=configuration,dc=burwood,dc=local. Using cn=8810a9af-e000-4cdb-8d64-dc7c2bbbfc56,cn=ntds settings,cn=bcw2kdc1,cn=servers,cn=default-first-site-name,cn=sites,cn=configuration,dc=burwood,dc=local
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    Phil Gigabyte Poster

    Hi Jimmy, don't know if you've already come across this but a quick Google brought up the following


    which has a lot of very useful advice, are you getting any other FRS errors?

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  3. jimmy

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    Thanks for your replying Phi. I do have other error message but only once a month as showing below and I tried to use ADSI Edit to fix it but it doesn't work.
    Event Type: Error
    Event Source: NtFrs
    Event Category: None
    Event ID: 13507
    Date: 17/10/2004
    Time: 4:09:51 PM
    User: N/A
    Computer: BCW2KDC1
    The File Replication Service cannot start replica set DOMAIN SYSTEM VOLUME (SYSVOL SHARE) on computer BCW2KDC1 for directory c:\winnt\sysvol\domain because the type of volume <null> is not NTFS 5.0 or later.

    The volume's type can be found by typing "chkdsk <null>".

    The volume can be upgraded to NTFS 5.0 or later by typing "chkntfs /E <null>".
  4. Taz69

    Taz69 Byte Poster

    You might want to try www.eventid.net as well.

    I've just had a quick look with the first event that you posted and the second is also mentioned in one of the posts.

    Sorry if I'm stating the obvious by mentioning www.eventid.net as it usually one of the first sites I check for event log errors.
    Then again I'd probably be a fool to think that everyone knows about this site just because I take it for granted.
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