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Voluntary Interview for Citizen Advice Bureau

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by Moudud Ahmed, Feb 20, 2013.

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  1. Moudud Ahmed

    Moudud Ahmed Bit Poster

    Hello everyone I have got an email telling me that I have a volunteering interview for the position of IT administrator so I need help and advice on how to prepare for it?
  2. RichyV

    RichyV Megabyte Poster

    Hi, I'm sure we'd love to help - But...

    could you possibly give us a bit more info?

    Like; your background and what the job specs are...
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  3. csx

    csx Megabyte Poster

    I'm going to be a little blunt here... but seeing as you want to get into IT... I would highly recommend getting used to searching... there are tons of information on this forum and all over the Internet. You'll be searching alot as an IT admin to find solutions... get used to it ;)
    Certifications: A+, Network+, 70-271 & 70-272, CCENT, VCP5-DCV and CCNA
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  4. Moudud Ahmed

    Moudud Ahmed Bit Poster

    Thanks. I am a final year university student studying IT. I have not got much experience working in IT

    Purpose of the role
    • To assist in the use and development of IT resources in the bureau.
    Main duties and responsibilities include:
    Developing IT in the bureau
    • Have a broad understanding of the IT requirements of the bureau and the solutions available.
    • Contribute to the bureau's continuous effort to improve operations, streamline work processes, and work cooperatively and jointly to provide quality seamless customer service.
    • Play a major role in developing and implementing the CAB IT Strategy.
    Maintaining the IT system and providing technical support
    • Respond to requests from computer users regarding hardware, software, or network connection problems or questions.
    • Resolve problems or provide "how-to" instructions.
    • Ensure that a regular back-up routine is followed and checked on a daily basis.
    • Ensure that anti-virus software is kept up to date across the network.
    • Make sure that the servers and workstations are kept up to date with the latest security fixes and updates recommended by the software manufacturers.
    • Refer the more difficult problems or non-routine requests to other technical support staff or the IT Service Desk.
    • Place service calls with vendors and co-ordinate service for the user.
    • Advise users of the ongoing status of their request when necessary.
    • Review records to check hardware / software inventory, update service calls, and verify or modify user identification records.
    • Update and revise reference materials and work procedures.
    • Ensure that all work carried out is documented and clearly understandable.
    • Ensure that Health and Safety Regulations for Display Screen Equipment are in place and staff and volunteers are aware of them.
    • Ensure that software licences are obtained and updated for all software.
    • Assist in managing, administrate and develop the bureau local area network including security and day to day supervision of the bureau intranet internet server and email system.
    • Take responsibility for all installation and modification of hardware and software.
    • Assist with development of database and spreadsheet applications.
    • Arrange disposal of old IT equipment.
    • Develop and maintain bureau website.

    • Manage and deliver IT training to individuals and groups of staff and volunteers to enable them to use the software used in the bureau. Deliver training using in house training materials.
    • Plan strategically into the Information Age.
    • Maintain a web site.and intrane
    • Carry out basic coaching for other IT users.
    • Coach users in software use.
    • Train staff and volunteers on an individual or group basis and monitor progress.
    • Carry out basic coaching for other IT users.
    • Deliver basic IT training to individuals and groups of staff and volunteers to enable them to use the software used in the bureau. Deliver training using in house training materials to enable staff and volunteers to reach Key Skills for Computer Users Level One.
    • Carry out coaching for other IT users.

    Personal and professional development
    • Attend courses / meetings as agreed.
    • Keep up to date on new IT developments.
    • Prepare for and attend regular supervision sessions.
    Other tasks and responsibilities
    • Uphold the aims and principles of the CAB service and its equality and diversity policies.
    • Keep up to date with policies and procedures relevant to bureau work and undertake relevant training within guidelines issued by Citizens Advice.
    • Abide by health and safety guidelines and share responsibility for own safety and that of colleagues.
    • Attend appropriate internal and external meetings as agreed by service manager.

    Personal skills and qualities that an IT worker needs:

    Knowledge of:
    • Microsoft operating systems Windows XP].
    • PC hardware and peripherals.
    • Microsoft Office
    • Diagnostic tools and online monitoring software.
    • Troubleshooting techniques
    • Web design, HTML coding

    Ability to:
    • Communicate in a one-to-one or group setting regarding technical or non-technical subjects.
    • Understand and apply written material.
    • Input data or information accurately.
    • Learn role-related material through oral instruction, observation and reading.
    • Diagnose technical problems and recommend solutions.
    • Monitor and maintain health and safety standards in the use of IT equipment.
    • Monitor and maintain own standards.
    • Work on own initiative, prioritise own work and meet deadlines - within established procedures and guidelines.
    • Demonstrate good interpersonal skills.
    • Understand and operate within the aims and principles of the CAB service and its equality and diversity policies.
    • Operate safely within health and safety policies and procedures.

    Experience and training:
    • Paid or unpaid experience in providing first line technical computer support for users and / or network support / administration.

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