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VOIP Telephony Training

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by Waria Ahmed, Jul 27, 2010.

  1. Waria Ahmed

    Waria Ahmed Byte Poster

    Hi Guys

    Abit of background info.. I have been working on a 2nd/3rd Line job for almost 3 months and as part of my training my manager has asked if theres any training requirements I need fulfilled. I have asked for Telephony and Exchange. As there are no VOIP experts at my work, my request has been fulfilled straight away and I have been asked to find a course. Just wanted to run the course I am looking to do by you guys and wanted to know whether this is good or if you could recommend a better one?

    We currently support a PBX phone system in 2 of our sites and the other 2 sites have a Avaya VOIP system which we administer. The course is an advanced admin course with the following spec...

    Course Contents
    To cover all Relevant Subjects:

    Attendant Console Parameters
    Coverage Time of Day
    System Parameter Features/ Coverage & Forwarding
    Overview of Trunk Groups
    Trunk Incoming Call Handling
    Toll Table
    ARS Table
    Route Patterns
    ARS Digit Conversion
    AAR Routing for Network
    AAR Digit Conversion
    UDP / Dial Plan
    Night Service
    Node Names IP Addresses
    Current Registered IP Handsets
    Tenant Partitioning
    Partition/time of Day routing
    Status command
    Station Lock Feature
    Display Locations
    Display Alarms
    Display Capacity
    Display Customer Options
    Verify Key
    Trace Command
    EC500 Feature
    Telecommuting Access
    Authorisation Codes / FRL's
    Account Codes
    Saving commands in GEDI
    Fault/Performance Wizard
    Certifications: See Signature
    WIP: MCITP: Enterprise Administrator
  2. Waria Ahmed

    Waria Ahmed Byte Poster

    Just to add, the following is the Standard course. Wondered if this was any good? My current experience is that I know the basic administration such as add/change/remove stations and pick up groups.


    • Login/Logout procedure
    • Use of Keyboard
    • Help feature
    • Command structure and use
    • Analogue extension form
    • Digital extension form
    • Attendant console form
    • Feature button assignment
    • Explanation of features
    • Coverage paths
    • Coverage answer groups
    • Pickup groups
    • Hunt groups
    • List groups extension command
    • Abbreviated dialling
    • System parameters
    • Port configuration (digital / analogue card)
    • Creating a new extension and putting into service
    • Removing an extension
    • Duplicate command
    • Alias station
    • Feature access codes
    • Overview of COR (Class of Restriction)
    • COS (Class of Service)
    • Status, busyout, release station commands
    • Q & A
    Certifications: See Signature
    WIP: MCITP: Enterprise Administrator

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