VMware's new policy on recertification

Discussion in 'VMware Certifications' started by scott28tt, Mar 9, 2014.

  1. scott28tt

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    So this is new:

    Recertification Policy

    Overall I think it's a good thing.

    The recertification cost used to include taking more training for many people (as soon as the grace period for updating to a new version had passed) and now it won't.

    It also encourages people to broaden their certifications into other disciplines, or to upgrade to the next level up like a VCAP.

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    Thanks for the info scott28tt.
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    Actually it keeps it in-line with the product release cycle as well as keeping it in-line with Microsoft, Cisco and CompTIA, it was only a matter of time really.
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    Generally I think its a good idea however I have a couple of reservations about the policy change. Firstly every two years seems a bit short really every three years would be more appropriate I think.

    Also I have the same feeling about it as when CompTIA announced there changes too, its not really good form to say something is for life and then change your mind further down the line. The certifications have a lifetime anyway as they are listed with the vSphere version that your tested against so expiring the certificates seems a bit extreme especially as they say you cannot call yourself a VCP once its expired but I suspect that its not the lifetime that VMware think it is.

    Generally though I'm not bothered by the change but think the change should be enforced from the next big revision of vSphere (coinciding with the next VCP release) because I think its not on to change your mind about something as important as this.
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    I've always felt re-certification is what has helped Cisco retain its weight in the certification arena. VMware don't have any trouble in this area but I think this will only strengthen their position. 2 years however does seem short to me. 3 years sounds better to me, and I'm someone who would sit one every 18 months at least.

    I am concerned about the step up in difficulty for the VCAP but hey ho, bring it on after my 2012 MCSE
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