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    Hi all,
    i downloaded the trial of VMware, as it seems to be rated by alot of people...
    I havent used it properly, just looking and reading. It is maybe a bit above my head, but i want to learn it, as i feel it may help with A+ O/S exam coming up..Plus i like to have knowledge anyway.. The trial has now run out, its $189, is that worth the money?? Would i be able to run multiple O/S on my second laptop-12gb/256/700mhz, or is that to low specced?? my main laptop is 60gb/1024/3000+800mhz?? i dont want to mess up up my main one though which i think i might when trying to use it if i decide to buy it..
    Appreciate your thought all..
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    If you are just going to use it for the A+ OS exam, it might be a case of overkill, however if you are going for more advanced certifications such as the MCSE, then it would be very helpful. You would be able to use VMWare to construct virtual networks inside of one box.

    Keep in mind that you will need to have the actual OS software to load into VMWare and sufficient resources on your host. Your VM will need HDD space (stored in a folder in your Documents and Settings folder) and sufficient RAM, sharing the physical resources of your host. I have a 200GB HDD, P4 2.60 GHz, and 1.25 GB RAM. This allows me to run several VMs at once without experiencing a slow down on the VMs or the host machine.

    I use VMWare for writing a lot. Right now, my co-author and I are writing a book for Novell Press focused on the application suites on Novell Linux Desktop 9. I have both the Gnome and KDE desktops running in VMWare. I was doing an online study course using Fedora Core 3 so I just left all three VMs running all the time on the host.

    I can't tell you if it will be worth it for you but I don't know how I'd do my job without it.
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