VMWare VCP-310, Prerequisite Advice

Discussion in 'VMware Certifications' started by MrGadget, Nov 5, 2008.

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    I am setting up and playing with VI3 now. We have same blade servers and be converting a old DL380 into a iSCSI SAN for VMware ESX using OpenFiler.

    I am going on the VI3 Fast Track Program 3.5 in Magirus Uk Ltd Bracknell from 1st Dec.

    What else do you VCP's recommended i shall do?
    Certifications: BSc Hons Comp Sci (2:1), VMWare VCP-310
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    LOL - I went with Magirus for my course too :)

    They were very good - instructor was a really good bloke (scouse fella called Stuart Owen) and knew his stuff. Unfortunately for you, Bracknell is a ****hole - I did mine in London and we went to the pub for lunch every day...

    You have a similar set-up to my home lab - three dinky proliants - two as ESX hosts in a cluster and the other running openfiler.

    I'd get Chris McCain's book - it absolutely rules (one of the best technical manuals I've ever read).

    Other than that, just use your test environment to play around with things like DRS, HA & VMotion. I've taken some mock tests and consistently scored around 90%, so I'm hopign the exam won't be too difficult...
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  3. MrGadget

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    Unfortunately, I'm based in Bracknell but your're right, it's a right ****hole!

    I'll probably have the same person as Magirus do it one week in Bracknell and the other in london. I was thinking of doing the course in London but it works out less time getting to Bracknell than london.

    I shall order that book. thanks.

    Good luck with the exam!
    Certifications: BSc Hons Comp Sci (2:1), VMWare VCP-310

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