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Discussion in 'Virtual and Cloud Computing' started by flex22, Apr 16, 2004.

  1. flex22

    flex22 Gigabyte Poster

    I just upgraded VM from version 4 to version 4.5.

    I really like the screen capture utility.Also I read that the virtual NIC's are PXE enabled.

    So I'm thinking that I can now practice RIS with it :?:

    I'll have a bit more of a read, find out exactly what's changed.But considering it's a free upgrade for, I'm pleased with it.

    Anyoneelse out there have this, and if so, your thoughts.

    Thanks :!:
  2. tripwire45
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    tripwire45 Zettabyte Poster

    I wish! How's the screen capture utility work? Right now, when I want to do screen captures of a virtual machine, I have to have a third-party screen capture utility on the host machine to get the particular shots I want. Right now I've downloaded SnagIt 7 by TechSmith (works great, BTW). It would be great to have an integrated solution in VMWare itself, but it would have to have a variety of abilities since sometimes, all I want to capture is a particular dialogue box.

    I'll probably get around to upgrading it at some point but the family coffers are not in terrific shape at this point. Keep us posted on how 4.5 works for you. I'll be installing Windows SBS 2003 a bit later today in 4.0 and will be putting it through it's paces.
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  3. flex22

    flex22 Gigabyte Poster

    Trip, it's a free upgrade, if you ahve version 4.0, which I think is the one you have.

    The screen capture, is just-

    Click File Menu
    Click Capture Screen

    It 's quite basic, seems to just take the pic of the whole screen.But it is very quick, it goes immediately to "My Pics" folder, or wherever you specify it to go.

    I suppose you can get it to send screen captures to your preferred program.
    This is just like capturing the screen as it was before though, except your using the capture screen button from VM instead of your keyboard, F12.

    So, not much difference there.

    However, if you quickly want to record a process in stages, and save it in a slide show or something, then it's good I think.

    Thanks :!:
  4. tripwire45
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    tripwire45 Zettabyte Poster

    Free upgrade <starts salivating>? Tell me more (and yes I do have 4.0). Start talking. Is it a download or do you need to order a disk? Also, if you upgrade, what happens to the virtual machines you have already created in 4.0? Do they get wiped out or are they preserved? Love to hear the details, flex. Thanks.
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  5. Jakamoko
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    Jakamoko On the move again ...

    Don't worry, Trip - I'll mop up the floor after you're gone :wink:

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  6. flex22

    flex22 Gigabyte Poster

    Well, I saw a discussion on certtutor, they were all going on about new VM or something.
    Anyway, like you, I presumed this was a costly upgrade, so just ignored it.
    I'm skint at the mo.

    The other day I got an email from VM about the upgrade.To be honest VM don't make it easy for you, because it looks like theirs no upgrade at all, the way they word it.

    Let me explain.

    The version before this new version was 4.0/4.2 (can't remember now).

    The upgrade is to version 4.5

    However, in the email is only mentions an upgrade to version 4 (not 5, or 0, or 2) just '4'

    This confused me (it doesn't take much :oops: ) as I already have version 4, so couldn't think what this was about, how can I upgrade to version 4 when I already have version 4.

    The links in the email were confusing also ebcause it took me to a link to upgrade version 3.2 to evrsion 4.

    This made me think, ahh the upgrade is for version 3.2 people who want to go to 4.0.Therefore I don't need this upgrade.

    However before I gave up I checked my current version, which indeed was 4.2, and saw something in the upgrade link about 4.5 (like I said before the actual link only specified upgrading to version 4).

    So now I new I needed an upgrade.

    I logged into VM with my registration details, and downlaoded the binaries.

    I ran the setup program once the downlaod had finished, but got the message saying that I already have VM on my system.

    I decided to uninstall the current version in Add/remove programs.

    Btw Trip, the virtual amchines are independant of the VM program, in that if you uninstall VMware, the machines remain wherever you store them.
    The VM machiens are of course useless without the VM program though lol.

    After my current VM had been uninstalled, I ran the setup program again for the new version.

    Setup ran fine, and I used my current licence key (which is says to sue on the VM website) when it was requested.

    That's it, I ahve the newer version, version 4.5

    The VM machines were back in the VM program also.

    Also, to my surprise, old VM machines which I ahd compeltely deleted months ago, gone from the recycle bin also, reappeared out of nowhere :eek:

    The new interface lists all your VM on the left hand side.These VM amchines contents are deleted,a nd you can't run them, but they're lsited.

    Don't know, but VM must keep deleted names somehow, even when you've deleted them from the recycle bin also.
    Strange :!:

    Sorry for going on, but just making the point that I didn't think VM's wording to be very useful in how to upgrade.

    I'm sure it'll be straightforward for you mate.

    Like I said, I got the link's in an email, so I presume they'll send you one,a s long as your registered.

    Thanks :!:

    Edit: Just checked m email again, and what I said earlier about 4.5 not being mentioned was wrong.It does mention 4.5, but the final link you egt to before downlaoding doesn't mention it, it just says 3.2 to 4.0.
    This is where the confusion comes in.
  7. Phoenix
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    Phoenix 53656e696f7220 4d6f64

    I noticed one pain in the ass with VMWare 4.5 (only just upgraded my primary Lab machine)
    whilst VMWare 4 would 'warn' me when i started using too much memory than i should (ie having 2 linux and 4 windows machines running) and tell me things might get sluggish
    4.5 actually gives me an error and forbids it, this is quite a pain considering id rather have a slow lab than a small un complex lab

    im looking to see if it can be disabled at present :)
    EDIT: ok seems it does do it it a certain degree before giving me an error, time to place that order for another gig :/
    and its gone up since my last order, $325 now :/
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